Who is CuppaGeek?

Well, I am a late 30s something mom who is enjoying life with my amazing kiddos, my fantastically supportive boyfriend, and his twin full-of-attitude-but-I-love-them teenage boys.  We have a hectic life but we are loving every minute of it.  Besides drinking insane amounts of tea each day, I read like a fiend (typically paranormal style or horror books) and watch everything horror and sci fi related I can get my hands on.  Recently, I caved and bought us a mini-van with all the bells and whistles I could ever imagine would be on a mini-van (including dual sun roofs).  You can find me cruising around town singing off key to my favorite songs.


Jason and I started this blog after I starting working with the SororiTea Sisters and really enjoyed blogging.  He had his own blog in the past and before I even knew what was going on, he created CuppaGeek for me. So we are the dynamic duo behind CuppaGeek.

I think we work pretty well as a team.

I started drinking tea in ridiculous amounts about 5 years ago when I randomly stumbled upon a tea that caught my eye.  I have been tea crazed and possibly obsessed since then.  Tea even takes up a good chunk of our dining room/living room.  I always say I could be into worse things. .


My children are also geeks!

 In my blogs, I go thru the good, the bad, and the geek.  Giving my blog a different spin.  Don’t be surprised to see rantings and ravings about my love for all things Predator or reviews on the books I am currently reading which will more than likely always have a vampire or some kind of creature in them.

My heart belongs to all things geek.  What can I say?


Take care & Thanks for reading!

All the products that are featured on CuppaGeek were either bought by myself or Jason Spence or were given to us for an honest review of their product(s). We will always be honest with each review.  Our opinion will not be biased just because we received product in exchange for a review.  We are in no means experts, just want to be as honest and upfront as we can be to our readers and the geek/tea community.

We just want to spread the love for tea peeps and geeks alike!

If you are interested in CuppaGeek reviewing your products- send an email to nichole@cuppageek.com.

Until next time. . . ~Yours in all things geek~Nichole