The Cake Is A Lie from Geeky Teas. . . . . 3

Tea of the Day:  The Cake Is A Lie from Geeky Teas. . .  I am trying hard one again to drink down some of teas. I have a few I have my eye on but I need to start drinking up what I have.  This tea came in the same sample pack as yesterday’s tea of the day did. I was lucky enough to pick up a sampler pack of all of Geeky Teas offerings a while ago and have been slowing going thru them.  I wanted something different so I brewed this blend up. I will admit something. […]

Oliver Queen Green Tea from Geeky Teas. . . .#geekyteas 5

Tea of the Day:  Oliver Queen Green Tea from Geeky Teas  (Arrow inspired tea) Description:  Green tea, orange peels, marigold flowers, natural lemon flavor and natural orange flavor. Delicious and to the point. Arrow is one of those shows that I love and don’t love all at the same time. Sometimes I find myself enjoying it while Jason and the twins watch it (especailly when John Barrowman is in the episode) and other times I would rather do something else. The show hasn’t 100% captured me yet which is surprising. I was all about the show when Constantine was on it […]

Pineapple Watermelon Sorbet White Tea from 52Teas. . . 4

Tea of the Day:  Pineapple Watermelon Sorbet White Tea from 52 Teas Going thru my tea stash the other day and I stumbled upon about 10 teas from 52Teas that I had forgotten about.  I believe these were teas from the Kickstarter campaign that I backed.  Last night while we watched a movie, I brewed up a pot for Jason and myself.  Watermelon ins a flavor in tea that I sometimes can’t get my head around, but in this case, I was hoping it would work! Description on the site:  I’ve used my organic White Peony and blended it with […]

Vahdam Green Tea Chai and My Thor Key. . .

Geeky Tea of the Day:  Vahdam Green Tea Chai Today I was in the mood for a green tea with a bit of spice to it. I hadn’t had a chai tea in a while so I grabbed a bag of tea from a company I hadn’t tried before- Vahdam.  I was excited to check out their version of a green tea chai.  From what I’ve learned, Vahdam is distributed by Golden Tips Teas on Amazon.  In the past I’ve picked up teas from Amazon here and there. Some have been fabulous, others not so much.   So I grabbed […]

Bananas Foster from Handmade Tea. . . & Undercover Cupid Revealed! 4

Bananas Foster from Handmade Tea I sadly recently cancelled my subscription with Handmade Tea. Between the amount of tea I have and the fact I wasn’t loving every tea I was getting, I thought I should take a break.  Handmade Tea is a monthly tea subscription based company.  Each month Handmade Tea sends out a custom special blend to their customers. Their packaging is fantastic and you really do receive quality teas each and every month. So after I made the decision to cancel my subscription and take a break, this gorgeous package arrived at my door. . . Anytime I […]