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We interrupt this Epic Sipdown for a tea from Plum Deluxe!- Peaches N’Dreams Oolong

Hammock Blend Black Tea from Plum Deluxe

Tea of the Day- Oregon Breakfast Black Tea from Plum Deluxe

Mindful Morning Tea Blend (Earl Grey)




My New Handmade Cup with June’s Handmade Tea- Herbs de Provence

Tea of the Day-Roasted Chocolate Pineapple Mate from Handmade Tea


Money & Luck Attraction Tea from Mountain Witch Tea Company

Tea of the Day- Tiger Spiced Chai from Mountain Witch Tea Company

Paper Box Goodies

Elderberry Jam from Paper Box Goodies

Pretty in Pink . . . The Movie and The Tea from Paper Box Goodies 2

Purple Snozberry from Paper Box Goodies

Easy Bein’ Green from Paper Box Goodies

Blue Roses Tisane from Paper Box Goodies

Cinnamon Isle from Paper Box Goodies


Billimalain Long Ding from The Tea Shelf

Talayar Limited Edition Black Tea from The Tea Shelf

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Getting Geeky with Geeky Teas- Princess Peach Tea

Sour Squidward Tea from Geeky Teas Cold Brewed with my Sei Sei Tumbler


Andrew’s Birthday Insanity from Liquid Proust Teas

Mysterious Tea from Liquid Proust Teas. . Sipdown #17!

CuppaGeek Special- Tangerine Pearls from Liquid Proust Tea


Blackberry Breeze. . A Signature Blend from Do You Tea

Tea of the Day- Super Green from Do You Tea?

Lord Grey from Do You Tea

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Ghost Tea from Yokai Tea

Tea of the Day- Rainy Day Tea from Yokai Tea

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Coffee Lovers Tea from Red Clover Tea and Herbs


Making Coconut Matcha from 3Leaf Tea


Tribute Tea, ChaHoney, and a Tribute to Wes Craven


New Moon. . . A Tea from the Orbital Collection @ AstroloTea. . . #22 Sipdown!


Cucumber Cantaloupe Oolong from 52Teas- Sipdown #21


Epic Sipdown #12 Madame Grey from Happy Lucky’s Tea House


Epic Sipdown Continues . . . . Gemaicha from Treehouse Teas


An Avengers Tea. . . Adagio’s Fandom Tea Collection


Good Habit Subscription Box. . .A Great Convient Way to Snack While at Work


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