Bad Wolf from Geeky Teas. . . .#GeekyTeas 4

I will freely admit it. . .I have become obsessed with Doctor Who. Big Time. I love the show.  Everything about it.  The quirkiness, the off the wall humor, the stories. . . I get giddy every time we watch a new episode.  I must confess that even tho they are the bad guys, the Daleks have a special place in my heart.  When I hear there unique voices saying”Exterminate” , I just giggle. Geeky Teas has created a tea for the Doctor. Who fandom.  And I just so happened to have been saving my sample of the tea until […]

A Happy New Year with Star Wars Truffles! 10

We had such a wonderful day yesterday celebrating 2015 in the perfect way. . .seeing The Force Awakens as an entire family. I have avoided everyone’s reviews of it and had no idea any of the events that were to take place.  So what were my thoughts? (The boys and I waiting for the movie to start) I really liked it.  I don’t want to say too much and give anything away, but I really did enjoy it.  The movie itself had the same vibe as the originals and you can draw a lot of comparisons.  Surprisingly my favorite character […]

Enjoying A Day off with Some of My Favorite Things! 4

I am off work for the rest of the year! Woohoo! I found out at the beginning of December that I had forgotten to take an entire week off for vacation.  So I have been taking days off here and there to help with school Christmas parties.  I’m excited about today.  My kiddos are playing their new video games and I’m going to binge on some TV and drink lots of coffee and tea.  Ahhh. . . my kind of day.  It’s lightly snowing and a good day to stay snuggled in with some of your favorite things. Tomorrow we […]

Detoxing and Weight Loss Teas. . . . 1

2016 is almost here and with it comes  those resolutions and goals.  It seems like every year I tend to make the same resolutions.  Stop biting my nails, become more active, workout more- the ones that are on a lot of people’s list.  What I’ve been seeing more and more of is a trend in the tea world.  A trend that I’ve talked to other tea bloggers and enthusiasts alike and that is the trend of weight loss teas. Yes, tea is good for you.  Especially if you are drinking green teas.  But just because someone says it is a […]

Geek Girl Blogger’s Secret Santa Fun! 5

I belong to an awesome group on Facebook- Geek Girl Bloggers. This group is comprised of amazing ladies with fantastic blogs that I love.  When the idea came around by one of the members to do a Secret Santa gift exchange, I was in! My gift was amazing! My Secret Santa was Brittany.  My gift was so thoughtful and creative! There was an order in how I was to open each present.  First, I received these adorable and comfy socks with one of my favorite treats!   Then I opened up this fantastic tea wallet! I’ve always wanted one but […]