It’s Holiday Time! 2

Geek Girl Blogger’s Valentine’s Card Exchange I chatted about this last week and yesterday, but I wanted to share all of the awesome and brilliant Valentines I received from the Geek Girl Bloggers Group. These Valentines just made me smile as I received them in the mail. These ladies just make me smile and have welcomed my tea/coffee geek loving self with open arms. Just love them all!  Thank you ladies for sharing the love on Valentine’s day! A few of these have ended up on my desk at work, in my kiddos’ room, and on shelves throughout the house. […]

What’s Coming Up This Week & My Valentine’s Present #matcha #Linkyo #MuffinPan #xchef 2

Today is going to be a short and sweet post.  It has been a whirlwind couple of days, but I did want to just let everybody know what is coming up. This week we are going to look at amazing teas from 52Teas. . . and will announce the winner of our recent giveaway from 52 Teas and Tea Commission. . . Woohoo! We are also going to look at different ways to brew up your favorite cuppa joe including an awesome new french press that has me in love! Last weekend I also tried my hand at some new matcha […]

The Golden Snitch Giveaway: January- And I’m a Part of It! 6

I love my geek girl bloggers and I am so happy to be part of this awesome giveaway! Tomorrow we will get back to our geeky tea love. . .Until Next Time-Nichole/CupppaGeek/TheGeeky Reviewer Do you love collecting geeky items? Perfect! Every month this year, KimiWho.com will be hosting a giveaway called The Golden Snitch: The geeky giveaway that opens at the close. You will get the chance at winning a special prize box containing a mixture of pop culture items which total value is $100 or more. Does this sound good to you? Of course it does! Kimi has rounded […]

My Day off with my Kiddo. . . and Doctor Who Fun! #ThePhatMat 4

Since Jason and I have started watching Doctor Who, we have gotten my 10 year old just as hooked. Monday was a day off school for him and we watched Doctor Who all day.  He even started drawing his own characters that are Doctor Who based.  I love his creativity! For Christmas, my mom gave me money so I went to ThinkGeek and picked up these lovelies.  Doctor Who cookie cutters and ice molds.  I couldn’t wait to play with them, but I am also the world’s worst baker.  My homemade cookies never turn out.  But today I was determine […]

We interrupt this tea session to provide you pictures of my wedding! #wedding 21

A couple days ago, we received a link to our wedding pictures. I couldn’t be happier.  A friend of ours is a photographer and he took the pictures! I thought he did a marvelous job! My boys walked me down the aisle while the rest of our close friends and family members watched.  My dad’s close friend performed the ceremony for us. It was intimate, simple, and full of love. . .exactly what we wanted. At the end of the day, I married my best friend, my rock, the guy that really does complete me in every way.  He has […]