Peachy White Tea from Tealated- A tea that tastes like white wine! 2

Imagine yourself sitting in a beautiful serene setting with birds chirping and the trees and flowers blooming all around you. We have a winery close to us that has just this sort of setting. I love going there but it isn’t a place we go to often as of late with the rainy summer we have had.  Typically we go a couple times in the summer to see local bands play and let the kids run away with other kids.  Oddly enough, the winery offers a very family friendly atmosphere.  Kids run around and dance, having a great time while their […]

Tea of the Day- White Champagne and Raspberry from Full Leaf Tea Co.

Today my sons and I participated in our local library’s Science Saturday.  We had so much fun.  They learned about robotics.  We built a pair of Lego birds that spun around and chirped depending on how you programmed them.  It was a blast.  Cameron (the older of the two boys) now wants me to find a robotics kit for home. Unfortunately, those kits are about $400 plus.  Ouch! While I was researching online about the robotics kits, I was enjoying this delightful spot of tea. . . Introducing White Champagne Raspberry from Full Leaf Tea Company Where to buy: Full Leaf Tea Company […]

Game of Thrones Week- High Garden Heaven from Margaret’s Fine Imports

High Garden Heaven. . a tea dedicated to House Tyrell. House Tyrell is comprised of an interesting set of characters  that we are just now really starting to get to know.  Margaret was one of the first characters from House Tyrell that we were introduced to.  Smart, beautiful, witty, and cunning, Margaret knows exactly what she wants and she has the drive and determination to go after it. This tea reminds me of her.  Beautiful and sweet with a slight tartness. Introducing High Garden Heaven from Margaret’s Fine Imports Where to buy:  Margaret’s Fine Imports Info the tea:  High Garden Heaven– Luxury Green […]

Game of Thrones Week- Wildling White- Margaret’s Fine Imports 2

Tonight’s episode of Game of Thrones is Episode 9.  EPISODE 9!! In the past, in the 9th episode we were given the Red Wedding, Ygritte’s death, the beheading of a beloved main character . . . I’m scared to think what is coming our way tonight with how last week’s episode ended.  Seriously. . .how scary were those White Walkers?!?! Jason and I both have our theories about what is going to happen tonight.  The previews for tonight’s episode look intense.  Here is the summary for tonight’s episode- Stannis confronts a troubling decision. Jon returns to the Wall. Mace visits the […]