Bananas Foster from Handmade Tea. . . & Undercover Cupid Revealed! 4

Bananas Foster from Handmade Tea I sadly recently cancelled my subscription with Handmade Tea. Between the amount of tea I have and the fact I wasn’t loving every tea I was getting, I thought I should take a break.  Handmade Tea is a monthly tea subscription based company.  Each month Handmade Tea sends out a custom special blend to their customers. Their packaging is fantastic and you really do receive quality teas each and every month. So after I made the decision to cancel my subscription and take a break, this gorgeous package arrived at my door. . . Anytime I […]

Angry Oolong from The Angry Tea Room & Fitness Fun! #oneforheart

Today I’m posting a bit late and I apologize for that.  The day literally got away from me.  Between work, school projects, chatting with my parents for a bit, and just day in and day out duties. . . all of a sudden I look at the clock and it is almost 9pm.  Eek! Well, I did get a moment to check out some tea and share a pot with Jason, something we haven’t done in a bit and I miss.  I’ve ordered a ton of Adagio Signature Blends for us to check out while we binge on Doctor Who. […]

Kiss My Crossbow- A Walking Dead Fandom Tea! 12

With tomorrow being Halloween, I figured it was the perfect time to check out a tea dedicated to a show that even non horror fans love- The Walking Dead! Fandom Teas is an Etsy based tea shop where they cater to your favorite fandoms like Supernatural, The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, and others.  Any tea company that has fandom teas, you know I’m all over it! Even tho I stopped watching The Walking Dead (mainly due to time), this is a show that I want to start over and binge on with Jason and the twins.  It brought the […]

Caramel Baked Apple Oolong Tea from A Quarter to Tea. . . . 5

With a name like Caramel Baked Apple Oolong, this tea screams for those cozy days of fall, my favorite yoga pants, and my favorite hoodie! Fire up some horror movies like Sinister and It Follows and I am set! A Quarter to Tea is a newer tea shop on Etsy.  This shop features amazing sounding teas like the one I’m reviewing today, Banana Nut Pancakes, Mexican  Hot Chocolate, and Maple Pumpkin Chai, to name a few.  What better way to celebrate the upcoming fall season and the spooky Halloween time that is rapidly approaching than with a Caramel Baked Apple […]

Tribute Tea, ChaHoney, and a Tribute to Wes Craven 16

Tribute Teas is a company that I’m really excited to learn more about. Based out of Chicago I’ve heard snippets about their teas from other tea enthusiasts.  I’ve been wanting to try their teas, but it is one  I never think of when it comes time to order tea. It’s one reason why I love services like ChaHoney.  The provide you with a monthly tea box filled with different teas from companies that you may have never thought to try before! ~The Breakdown Where:  ChaHoney – Every month enjoy the delight and surprise of trying new and unique teas in the comfort of your home. […]