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Tuesday Night with Harlow Tea Co 3

 Tonight I was in the mood for a shaken iced tea so I grabbed Say Aloha and Get Toasted from Harlow Tea Co.  Every blend that I have had from Harlow Tea Co has been incredibly fresh and impressive. I had no doubt that I would adore these two blends. Say Aloha is a lovely blend of Houjicha green tea, hibiscus flower, myrtle leaf, strawberry leaf, dried strawberries, dried pineapple, dried plums, and cinnamon dried apples. This tea has my name all over it.  (pic on the left) Get Toasted is a unique mix of Genmaicha tea (contains brown rice), candied pineapple, elder flower, toasted […]

My First Month With BlendBee’s Monthly Subscription #tea #blendbee 4

Happy Friday all! Today I was excited when I came home and found that I had tea mail.  This tea mail was especially exciting since it was my first monthly tea box from BlendBee, a new subscription I just started. For only $13, BlendBee will send you about 30 servings of 2 different teas.   You tell them what flavors you like, what flavors you don’t, and they take it from there. This month I received Cocoa Blue and Fresh Jasmine.  I couldn’t have been happier.  I really liked the little touch of a personalized note welcoming me to BlendBee-simple yet thoughtful. […]

Tea Review Time! Groot Root Tea from Geeky Teas! #GeekyTeas 3

Today I finally opened up one of the last teas I have from Geeky Teas.  I have been in talks with Donna @ Geeky Teas for a new order but until that one arrives, I have maybe 2 teas left to try out from my big sampler pack I picked up a few months ago. This one was a tea that I didn’t think I was going to like so I left it for last. Shame on me for being judging! Groot Root Tea is a blend of green tea, natural ginseng flavor, and ginger root. An interesting sounding tea […]

Let’s Chat 52Teas and Pop In A Box! 5

Well good Saturday morning all! I hope the week has treated you all well. Today I wanted to chat a bit about the latest tastiest tea I drank and  this month’s Pop In A Box.   So let’s get chatting! I have talked about this company a lot but 52Teas is one of my absolute favorite tea companies. I do have a personal relationship with the owner, but even if I didn’t, I would still love their teas. Each blend has its own unique quality and character you might say.  This particular tea may be one of my favorites I […]

Tea Time with Beacon Hill Teas! 3

Teas of the Day:  Two Teas from Beacon Hill Tea Company

I love my monthly tea box from Beacon Hill Tea Company. I look forward to it every month. I love diving into the box and seeing what new goodies await me. Sure I don’t need more tea, but I just can’t say no to this box. And as you can see, my new Pop (from Pop In the Box, another obsession I have-this month I got Matt Smith as Parson Collins from PPZ-Eeek!) couldn’t wait to check out the teas either.

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This month there was a nice assortment of an herbal inclusion- a lemongrass tea, an herbal Chamomile Mint blend, an Earl Grey blend, and a Green Pearl Tea.   Pretty much something for everybody.

Tonight, I thought I would brew up the Earl Grey blend and the Green Pearl Tea. Those were the two that caught my attention.

~Twilight Sonata~

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This earl grey is an earl grey blend with fruity tones. At least that is what the description on the bag says. I opened the bag and I have to say the bergamot oil was quite overwhelming to me, but I also really don’t care for strong earl greys. I brewed it up and both my hubby and stepson eagerly popped their head into the kitchen asking if they could have some.


I poured each of them a pretty good size cuppa and gave myself a little taste.  They both loved the earl grey and it was gone in no time. I asked them both what they thought of the tea and they said it was good. I asked them for more description and they said it tasted like tea. Yep. I am proud.

So I took a sip and I have to say, this tea just isn’t for me. It has a very perfume flavor and fragrance to it. Just not my cuppa, but they loved it and have asked me for more.

~Green Tea Pearls~

Now we are talking more my style. I was squealing when I saw this lovely tea in the box. Look how fun!

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I absolutely love these kinds of tea where you just plop them in water and drink.  Nothing fancy just gorgeous tea that gives you solid flavor all the way thru.  Certain teas that are similar you can leave in your mug or tumbler all day and just add more water.

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I popped this pearl into my prepped water and watched as the pearl uncurl and dance in the water. A few minutes later, I poured myself a cuppa and I have to say, this tea has my name written all over it. A lovely subtle and gentle green tea that hints at a rich buttery feel and ever so slight floral and vegetal notes. Smooth and oh so lovely.

So for the first two teas of the box, I’m quite happy with them.  One tea for the boys and one for me. I’d rather not share my Green Tea Pearls anyway!

Geeky Gadget of the Day: Osaka Cold Brewer 

The twins love their iced coffee so I thought I’d check out this cool way to cold brew coffee.

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All you need is some ice, some cold water, and your coffee. Follow the easy instructions and in a few hours you’ll have yourself some fresh iced coffee. We tried some salted caramel flavored coffee at work cold brewed and it was delicious! This is a great way to enjoy iced coffee out of your own cozy dwelling or even at the office.  The only drawback is how long it takes. I think I prefer my Mason Jar infuser more, but this is still a great way to cold brew.

A really fun cool gadget for all of those coffee fans out there!

~Until Next Time My Friends!~