Yokati Tea

Ghost Tea from Yokai Tea 10

With a name like Ghost Tea, I would think this tea would be more of a tea for the Halloween season- pumpkin or apple flavored.  This tea is actually a Bai Mudan White Tea with rose petals and cornflower.  To me, exactly what a ghost tea needs to be.  Light with a silky texture. Ghost Tea from Yokai Tea  ~The Breakdown Who:  Yokai Tea Info:  Ghost Tea– Ghost–a delicate, ethereal white tea, gently perfumed with rose petals and flashes of bright blue cornflower. Contains low levels of caffeine.  Ingredients: Whole leaf Bai Mudan tea*, rose petals*, cornflowers*   ~The Good. . […]

Tea of the Day- Rainy Day Tea from Yokai Tea

It has been an insanely rainy summer.  We have had issues with flooding in our area these last few weeks.  So today, I thought this tea would be the perfect tea to chat about. The blend matches our weather perfectly! Rainy Day Tea from Yokai Tea ~Tea Breakdown Where to buy:  Yokai Tea  Info on the tea:  Rainy Day Tea- Rainy Day Tea–a bright, citrusy black tea with a hint of crisp French lavender, perfect for waiting out the rain. Contains caffeine. Ingredients: Earl grey tea*^, Lemongrass, Lemon Verbena*, French Lavender*, Cornflowers*  *Organic ^Fair trade ~The Good. . . . The Bad. […]