The Angry Tea Room

Angry Oolong from The Angry Tea Room & Fitness Fun! #oneforheart

Today I’m posting a bit late and I apologize for that.  The day literally got away from me.  Between work, school projects, chatting with my parents for a bit, and just day in and day out duties. . . all of a sudden I look at the clock and it is almost 9pm.  Eek! Well, I did get a moment to check out some tea and share a pot with Jason, something we haven’t done in a bit and I miss.  I’ve ordered a ton of Adagio Signature Blends for us to check out while we binge on Doctor Who. […]

Canadian Maple from The Angry Tea Room. . . . 2

Thank you to everybody who entered in my first giveaway! Congrats Alice Ford! You have won my Random Act of Tea-dom! I have sent you an email asking for your addy and we will get you all set up.  Later this month, we will have another giveaway. Today is a gloomy cloudy cold fall day.  The perfect day to chat about haunted houses and enjoy a cuppa.  Today’s tea. . .A delicious tea that comes from a tea shop with one of the best logos! I would love a mug with this angry guy on it. ~Breakdown~ The Angry Tea […]