Plum Deluxe

Getting Some Fresh Perspective. . . . #plumdeluxe 7

Plum Deluxe is a great monthly tea subscription program that just isn’t a bag of tea in the mail every month.  They have created a community surrounding their products and a common shared love.  They have created a community of tea lovers.  A community that does secret gift exchanges, has honest and thoughtful conversations, shares their latest teaware purchases and a great love, understanding and passion for tea. The positivity surrounding this company is something I’ve always admired and I’m glad I’m a part of it, tho I rarely chat with other members.  Andy and Carrie, the lovely Plum Deluxe leaders, […]

5 Favorite Things About Autumn & a Pumpkin Tea . . . 40

Fall is right around the corner and I think everybody around me is ready for it.  I personally am ready to break out my boots again.  I am a boot fiend.  I love my boots.  I wear dresses just about everyday to work and I love pairing a polka dot dress with a pair of boots. So when I looked at the list for this week’s 5 Fandom Friday and realized that I received a pumpkin tea in the mail yesterday. . It was like it was meant to be.  I’ve missed participating in these posts and was glad I […]

Garden Grove Green Tea from Plum Deluxe. . . . 10

Plum Deluxe is one of my favorite tea companies.  I subscribe to their 2 oz a month tea service and love getting my purple packages in the mail each month. Andy and the rest of his crew do a marvelous job in creating these incredible flavored blends and I’m quite excited to see what fall flavors await. I’ve heard rumors of a pumpkin tea. . .but until that purple package arrives in the mail box, I’m content to enjoy this one.   ~Breakdown . . . Who: Plum Deluxe Info:  Garden Grove Green Tea– Our signature green blend full of easygoing flavor. […]

We interrupt this Epic Sipdown for a tea from Plum Deluxe! 10

Last night I decided it was time to get organized.  I pulled out my three baskets of tea and that I have out and about the living room and started cataloging them.  Let’s just say, I’m definitely on a buying hiatus for a time but I need to start presenting a bit of self control when it comes to tea purchases for a bit. Can’t say I want to admit to how many teas I have picked up over the last year.  I even thought about suspending my tea subscription plans, but I can’t do that.  I just love my tea mail! […]

Hammock Blend Black Tea from Plum Deluxe 8

Last night we started watching Arrow.  Anybody else watch this? I’m already addicted.  The boyfriend binged on Daredevil a month or so ago and loved it, but I couldn’t get into it.  Arrow, even tho it is pretty cheesy, I was immediately drawn in.  We watched three episodes last night and I wanted to watch more.  I honestly don’t know anything about the series so it is fun to just sit back and watch the show.  I guess Arrow has something to do with Superman’s demise from what I’m understanding from Jason and we’ve already been introduced to the character-Deadshot […]