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Peppermint Grey from Handmade Teas & Other Goodies! 4

Happy Tuesday all! I know I have been absent on the blog as of late.  We had a lot come up at once in regards to family so I took a break to focus on what I needed to. I’m happy to report we are back on track now.  So let the tea drinking begin! Tea of the Day: Peppermint Grey from Handmade Tea Handmade Tea is a monthly subscription based company that where the passion and love for tea shines thru in each and every hand blended tea that is sent out. His teas are very hit or miss for me […]

Bananas Foster from Handmade Tea. . . & Undercover Cupid Revealed! 4

Bananas Foster from Handmade Tea I sadly recently cancelled my subscription with Handmade Tea. Between the amount of tea I have and the fact I wasn’t loving every tea I was getting, I thought I should take a break.  Handmade Tea is a monthly tea subscription based company.  Each month Handmade Tea sends out a custom special blend to their customers. Their packaging is fantastic and you really do receive quality teas each and every month. So after I made the decision to cancel my subscription and take a break, this gorgeous package arrived at my door. . . Anytime I […]

Lovin’ Me Some Pumpkin Patch Tea from Handmade Tea #tea 2

I do love my tea subscription plans.  At one time, I had a sub with Plum Deluxe, Beacon Hill Tea, and Handmade Tea.  As you can imagine, that created quite a lovely tea stash to pick from.  The other day I was organizing my teas and noticed I hadn’t tried this particular one yet.  Pumpkin Patch from Handmade Tea. Pumpkin Patch is a lovely blend of black teas, cinnamon, pumpkin seeds and a few other spices that look like fall in a cup.  The blend had more of a pumpkin pie dry leaf aroma and smelled amazingly delicious. I have […]

Cucumber Mint Tea from Handmade Tea. . . . 11

Handmade Tea is a great option for anyone looking for a monthly subscription tea plan.  Each month you receive a new hand blended tea and once it is gone, that blend is gone.  These blends are hit or miss for me.  I either really like them or have to take a few minutes to experiment with them a bit to get them to my taste. Handmade Tea was started in 2011 by Caleb Brown after he decided he wanted something more exciting when it comes to loose leaf teas.  He has definitely done just that.  Each of his blends are […]

My New Handmade Cup with June’s Handmade Tea- Herbs de Provence 16

I love the color turquoise.  I try to incorporate it in any way I can, even trying to incorporate the color into the wedding by finding turquoise cowboy boots.  Yep.  I’m that kinda gal.  Trying to find cowboy boots to match a wedding dress. . .This task will probably take me the next couple months which is exactly when we are going to get married.  I found the preacher today and now all I really need to find is the venue that will hold the small ceremony of 25 people or so.  Jason and I were joking earlier that the […]