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Fandom Friday.. .Whovian FEELS from Adagio Teas #teageek 1

TGIF my friends.  I hope you all have entered the fun ValenTea Giveaway and The Golden Snitch giveaway. Both have fantastic prizes in them. To celebrate Fandom Friday right, I thought I’d try another one of my Adagio Signature Blends.  And of course, it is Doctor Who related! (Look at my new Pops!! Insert squeals here!)   Whovian FEELS is a blend of Irish Breakfast, Gunpowder, Cream, Cocoa Nibs, and Cinnamon. I have to say, this tea smells amazing. Like a cinnamon candle with a hint of chocolate thrown in. Smelled amazingly decadent and calorie ridden. I would never have […]

Fandom Friday! Green Tardis Tea Blend from Adagio Teas 1

~Fandom Tea! Welcome to what I hope will become a new Friday section. Fandom Friday! Here you’ll find different fun tea blends or monthly subscriptions that are fandom related.  Of course, if you are a regular reader, you know exactly which fandom I’m picking today! Last week, my Adagio Teas order arrived and of course there was a half a dozen different sample tins, all with amazing tea blends dedicated to Doctor Who. There is just something fun and charming about drinking a tea dedicated to the show you are watching.  It just kicks up the whole experience up a […]

Ancient Orange from Adagio Teas #AdagioTeas 5

Even with way too many teas in my cupboard, I couldn’t resist picking up a few teas from Adagio to enjoy while we ferociously binge on Doctor Who before the show is pulled from Netflix. I had seen so many glorious sounding blends that I always wanted to try but without seeing the show first, I kinda felt like a poser. Now that I’m officially 100% crazed and insanely addicted to the show, I can now check these blends out. Earlier in the week, I put in a small order for a few Adagio Signature Blends. Adagio allows you the […]

An Avengers Tea. . . Adagio’s Fandom Tea Collection 16

You can’t go anywhere right now without bumping into something that is Avengers’ related.  Just about all of my 5 year old’s school supplies were Marvel or Avenger related.  My fiance is an Avengers nut, especially Captain America. My family’s newest addiction are the Pops figures.  Heard of these? They are fun figures representing your favorite movies or fandoms.  We have several already.  I have a few horror related ones and I just gave Jason a couple for his birthday.  My kids are even addicted to them.  The older boys are collecting their favorite anime series and the younger boys […]