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Happy Friday all! Today I was excited when I came home and found that I had tea mail.  This tea mail was especially exciting since it was my first monthly tea box from BlendBee, a new subscription I just started.


For only $13, BlendBee will send you about 30 servings of 2 different teas.   You tell them what flavors you like, what flavors you don’t, and they take it from there.

This month I received Cocoa Blue and Fresh Jasmine.  I couldn’t have been happier.  I really liked the little touch of a personalized note welcoming me to BlendBee-simple yet thoughtful.

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(Besides tea, I also rec’d my new Jane Bennett Pop from PPZ. Squeal!!)

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First, I thought I would check out Fresh Jasmine.  This blend is a bright blend of lemon, jasmine flowers, green tea, and spices.  Even tho ginger was a major component of the blend-this tea screamed lemon drop candy.  Not being a huge fan of ginger, I wasn’t sure how I would like this tea. It really works.  The floral notes are not overpowering and really subtle. The spices compliment the buttery green tea base perfectly yielding this sweet lemon candy flavor each sip. I destroyed the first cuppa and am already on my third. I loved this tea.

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 I love how Coco Blue is described on the site.  Coconuts and blueberries collide perfectly with our organic Young Hyson Green Tea.  There is even a comment about how this tea is constantly being cold brewed at the BlendBee office and I can see why.

Imagine a fresh bursting with blueberry flavor smoothie that was made with coconut milk.  That is what this tea reminds me of. Brilliant and popping with flavor. I’m digging this as a hot tea and I can’t wait to try this as a cold brew.


My first box with BlendBee was a huge success. I’m incredibly impressed with how marvelous these teas are. Fresh, bold, and full of flavor.  Can’t wait to see what teas will be in my next box.

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