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I know I review a lot of 52Teas but I just can’t help it. I love the unique and different flavors that run amuck in their teas. (Amuck! Amuck! Amuck!) I would love to be a fly on the wall during one of their tea creating sessions.  I just adore Anne and love working with her. Her mad tea blending creative skills are simply amazing!


If you aren’t familiar with 52Teas, I strongly suggest you check them out. Each week they create and offer a unique and different tea blend that I guarantee you will find no where else. They hand blend and create these amazing flavors that create such a wonderful experience for the tea drinker.  But the only problem is once they are gone, unless the teas are reblended, the tea is gone. So you want to move fast if you are interested in any of the teas they offer.

So tonight while I’m fumbling thru my tea stash, I stumbled upon a taster of this lovely tea. . . .


Yuzu Ginger Macaron Cookie White Tea

Description of the tea:  white peony tea, ginger root, calendula petals and all-natural flavors.

Now, I am not a ginger fan and wasn’t sure I would like it but the blend has the word Cookie in it. That sold me right there! So I grabbed my water, my tea, and my Pop and checked out this tea properly!


(Love my Daenerys Pop. She was one of the first ones I got.)

This white tea had a pretty unique dry leaf aroma.  There was a solid note of ginger but there was also a baked good feel.  Almost a baked good sweetness you could say when you mix it with the white tea base. I really love 52Teas white tea base.  I will say that I’m not completely familiar with Yuzu so please excuse my fumbling when it comes to the fruit.  From what my quick research, the fruit is quite sour.

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This tea brewed up way darker than I thought it would but oh did it smell so fabulous! The tea has a lovely crisp ginger baked cookie aroma.  I couldn’t wait to try it. Sat down with my favorite 10 year old and enjoyed the first infusion.

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(Love my Polka Dots!)

My first thought was “Does Anne make a tea that I won’t like?” I don’t know how 52Teas does it but even with flavors like ginger that I really don’t care for, she adds it in so perfectly that I just love it. Now this isn’t my favorite 52Teas, but I will have no problem in finishing up the rest of what I have.

This tea reminds me of a muted gingersnap cookie with sweet notes here and there. I can honestly say that I can’t really pick up any of the white tea flavors that I usually do.  The ginger cookie notes are the star in this blend for this first infusion.   Anne has always told me that when she drinks a white tea, the second infusion is where the white tea notes shine so after devouring the first cup, I set about eagerly preparing a second cuppa.


The second cup was actually better than the first!  The flavors seem to be a bit richer providing more of a robust ginger cookie this time around than the subtle cookie during the first infusion.  Everything about this infusion just seemed to be better. I didn’t allow the tea to cool like I did the first go around and I think I liked the tea better this way. I’m still not getting any of the white tea notes, just glorious ginger cookie.  No Yuzu either but since I’m not really sure what the fruit is supposed to taste like, I’m ok with what I have.

It’s currently storming out, I’m watching my favorite National Georgaphic show (Life Before Zero), and I have a lovely pot of tea to enjoy.  It doesn’t get much better than this!

~Until Next Time~


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