Tea Review Time! Groot Root Tea from Geeky Teas! #GeekyTeas 3


Today I finally opened up one of the last teas I have from Geeky Teas.  I have been in talks with Donna @ Geeky Teas for a new order but until that one arrives, I have maybe 2 teas left to try out from my big sampler pack I picked up a few months ago. This one was a tea that I didn’t think I was going to like so I left it for last. Shame on me for being judging!


Groot Root Tea is a blend of green tea, natural ginseng flavor, and ginger root. An interesting sounding tea blend for sure.

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And of course I had to bring out my Groot Pops!

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This tea brewed up to a lovely yellow brew and I just adored the bright sunny color. The tea blend itself really didn’t have much of a dry leaf aroma. There was a hint of ginger but nothing that I could really pick out.

But after I brewed this tea up, I was in heaven! This tea is simple but packed with a lovely bright flavor.  The green tea has a lovely rich buttery taste. The ginseng and ginger give a unique sweet yet slightly spiced flavor that gives the tea an almost soft note. I was worried that the ginseng or the ginger root would give the tea a harsh flavor but that isn’t the case at all. The spices and herbs are added with a light hand, which allows the green tea  to really shine.

This tea sings spring and summer songs.  My parents are building a deck so this tea will be a most for those summer days where we are swimming and hanging out on the weekends.  I see a pitcher of this tea garnished with lemon wedges in my future for sure!

If you haven’t checked out Geeky Teas yet, I recommend checking them out.  They have a Deadpool Oolong that I hope I will be able to try later this week or next. I mean c’mon! It is a tea dedicated to Deadpool! I can’t wait to try it!

~Yours in all things Geeky!


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3 thoughts on “Tea Review Time! Groot Root Tea from Geeky Teas! #GeekyTeas

  • Pepi

    Awww!! I love this!!! Groot tea! I’m going to search for the geeky teas! 😀 It sounds like Groot Tea is perfect. (They also have Deadpool tea? OMG!!!)

  • Beth W

    That sounds delightful! I bet it would be an excellent iced tea. I love ginger, but not so much ginseng, so I’d be wary of this one, too. Thanks for reviewing it, though! Our next tea stock-up will involve GeekyTeas, I’m sure (there’s a Caulson one I’ve been eyeing…)

  • Karen Peterson

    I have so many different kinds of tea to burn through before I can order more, but every time I read your blog, my trigger finger gets SO ITCHY!! 🙂 I am going to have to cold brew a bunch to get through the summer, so I can make space for new ones come the autumn.