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Hello my friends! Long time no chat.  It has been a whirl wind lately and even tho I have been drinking a lot of tea, I just haven’t reviewed any.  But I finally squared away some time to review a delicious dessert like tea from 52Teas, one of my favorite tea companies.


This particular blend is a Carrot Cake Honeybush Tea.  Just sounds heavenly to me and is still available on the site. The one thing with 52Teas which can create sadness is that once a tea is gone and off the website, unless there is a reblend, that tea is gone forever. So if one sounds amazing, jump on it quick because they do go fast.


Description of the tea (from the site):

organic ingredients: honeybush, freeze-dried carrots, freeze-dried pineapple, raisins, allspice, cinnamon, nutmeg and all natural flavors.

In honor of my significant other’s birthday, I’ve created a dessert-y tea to celebrate two of his favorite desserts: carrot cake & cheesecake. I decided to use a honeybush base for this because I thought that the natural nutty flavor of the honeybush would work well with these flavors.

The dry leaf mixture looked amazing and smelled amazing. Very sweet with notes of a cinnamon like spice.  The chunks of carrots and pineapple were a nice size.  You could easily see them in the mix.  I brewed this up with my new mug that I picked up from Wizard World St Louis (more on that trip later).  There were so many amazing artists there with so many wonderful goodies, it was hard to pick. But my heart skipped a bit when I saw this Evil Dead mug depicting my beloved Ash. Had to have it! (If you are looking for a new mug for your collection, I highly recommend checking Hand Painted Nerd’s Etsy site out.  I just love there mugs!)

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The package says to allow this tea to cool for about 6 minutes and I have to agree with that. I did try this tea a few moments after I brewed it and the flavors weren’t really there. I then set the mug aside and tried it again a few minutes later and holy cinnamon lovin goodness! This tea is delicious!


(Me enjoying my tea with my new Star Wars scarf and Evil Dead mug)

Creamy cinnamon cheesecake flavors are what you really get with hints of the carrot here and there. I didn’t pick up the other flavors and do wish the carrot cake flavor came across more, but I’m quite happy with having this lovely cinnamon cheesecake flavor. Rich and almost decadent. Definitely a fabulous dessert tea.  The honey bush is gentle and mild and creates a nice background for the cheesecake flavor. Smooth and well balanced. I ended up brewing several steepings off of this initial serving.  That is one thing I love about 52Teas. You get your moneys worth for sure with how many times you can steep the teas.


I did try this as a cold brew hoping that the carrot cake flavors would pop more and the honeybush seemed to take over instead. Still delicious, just wasn’t the flavor I was looking for. Regardless, I highly recommend this tea/tea company to anybody who is looking for a different take on tea blends and just want something different. I mean where else are you going to find a Glazed Donut Tea?

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