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Happy Tuesday all! I know I have been absent on the blog as of late.  We had a lot come up at once in regards to family so I took a break to focus on what I needed to. I’m happy to report we are back on track now.  So let the tea drinking begin!

Tea of the Day: Peppermint Grey from Handmade Tea

Handmade Tea is a monthly subscription based company that where the passion and love for tea shines thru in each and every hand blended tea that is sent out. His teas are very hit or miss for me but that is what I love about Caleb’s creations. They are one of a kind and he is always bringing out new and unique flavors.  Not all of them are what I like, but usually someone in the family does enjoy the cuppa.

Each monthly you get a lovely packaged tea along with a wax stamped envelope with information about the tea in it.  I had recently cancelled the subscription but after only a month I found myself yearning for that package each month so I went ahead and signed back up.

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This month’s tea was a twist on a classic tea. A peppermint earl grey blend.  I am not a fan of earl greys and there are just a handful of them out there that I truly enjoy, but Jason and the boys all really enjoy it. Brewed up per the instructions provided on the package, this tea definitely had notes of strong peppermint.


I will be 100% honest and say that I only gave myself a little taste and gave the rest to Jason and one of the twins.  I just wasn’t sure how I would like it and one sip in, I knew this tea wasn’t for me.  It is different for sure. There are almost two different teas going on in this one cuppa.  I can taste the peppermint and then there is a break and you can taste the earl grey, which has quite a bit of the bergamot oil going on with it, which is why I typically stray from earl greys.  I had hoped that the earl grey flavors would be soften a bit and more gentle but that wasn’t the case.  I’m thinking this might be one that a dash of milk or cream might help me like it, but that might also be an odd taste with the peppermint.

Jason and Casey both liked the tea.  Jason said it was good and that he thought it have too strong of a peppermint flavor going on.  Regardless, this tea won’t last long with Jason and Casey drinking it.  So a miss with me, but a hit for them!

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PS Here is a family shot from over the weekend. I love my little guy’s face in it!



Today is my birthday! And to celebrate my amazing hubby is taking me to meet my favorite Doctor and companion this weekend at my very first con. I can’t wait!



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