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Teas of the day:  Ghograjan Tea Estate


Ghograjan Tea Estate is a new tea company to me and I was excited to check out the teas they had sent me to review.  A Royal Masala Chai and a Assam Gold Tips. I am not a huge fan of chais but this one had peaked my interest and of course I’m a sucker for Assams.

From the site:  Ghograjan Tea Estate is a 5th generation, family-run estate in the renowned tea belt of Upper Assam. Its history dates back to the early 1930’s, when aspiring tea entrepreneur Budhkaran Choukhany planted the estate’s first seeds near the Ghogra River. Hence, “Ghogra-Jan” came into existence, as “Jan” in the local language means “small river.”

Tea #1:  Royal Masala Chai

Let’s chat about the Royal Masala Chai first. This tea was very unique because it has broken tea leaves in it and even notes that on the bag.  I can’t say I’ve ever had that before but I also don’t drink a lot of Masala Chai blends.

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The dry leave mix definitely had that spicy chai flavoring. I thought I would make the tea up as a latte for the family. And I have to say, they turned out quite nicely.


I brewed the tea up like I would a typically black tea (212F-4 minutes), tho I think next time I will let the tea steep longer.  I frothed up milk and honey in my Breville frother and topped the brewed tea with a frothy honey milk goodness, giving the tea a sweetness it seemed to need. I took one sip and tho the taste was pleasant enough, this tea just isn’t for me.  There was a definite cardamom flavor with a nice black tea base with a spice blend of ginger, cloves, and cinnamon. I topped the frothy milk with a dash of nutmeg.  The kids and Jason devoured their cuppas and they all really liked the honey chai lattes I made with this tea blend. Jason said that the tea actually got better the longer the tea cooled. I bet if I would have steeped the tea longer, those flavors would have really stood out.

Tea #2:  Assam Golden Tips

So while they were enjoying their lattes, I was enjoying my own.

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Assam Golden Tips is a tea that just screams for my attention.  These teas typically have a gorgeous malty flavoring that tend to have a very subtle astringency to finish out the smooth well balanced taste. These teas if they are a great quality will give you such a rich and satisfying cuppa.

I brewed up with water at 212F and allowed to steep for about 4 minutes and then topped with frothed milk. I allowed the tea to cool for a moment and took a sip. After a really rough day at work, this tea was calming and soothing my tired self and soul.  The milk diluted the flavor a bit but you could still get those seductive and rich malty tones. So good and such a great way to be introduced to a new tea company.

Even tho I may not have enjoyed the Royal Masala Chai, this Assam Golden Tips is hitting every note for me.  Just delicious and really singing my song.

I’m off to enjoy another cuppa!

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