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Tea of the day:  Blackberry Lime Turnover Green Tea 


I review a lot of teas from 52Teas. I love the company and have supported them for years.   Anne and her daughter took over the company recently and have been creating amazing teas ever since. I don’t care for every blend but for the most part these blends really do not let you down. I just placed an order last week and over the weekend the box showed up. I couldn’t wait to dig in and thought this would be a great tea to start with.

(Look at those gorgeous berries!)

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This tea is a blend of Organic Chinese Sencha, Organic Freeze-Dried Blackberries, Dried Lime Sections and Organic,  and All-Natural Flavorings.  The dry leaf really had a bright lime vibrant fragrance.  I thought this would be a great tea to test my new cold brewer set up with too. I was geekying out tea style pretty hard!

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This lovely new toy of mine is a 2 Quart Cold Coffee Brewer, but it works equally well for tea.  I actually haven’t tried using it for coffee since I have loved the results I have gotten from the cold brewed tea.  The system is incredibly simple.  There is a glass mason jar (6 cups), a filter that runs the length of the jar with a very fine mesh, and a lid.  All you do is scoop your tea or coffee into the filter, add in your fresh water and twist on the lid.  Put in your fridge overnight and in the morning you will have fresh cold brew tea/coffee.  Super easy and you are able to use the same tea leaves a few times before throwing them out.  You do have to use more tea leaves to cold brew tea but the flavors do seem to pop more or even hidden flavors can really become more pronounced.

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To make up this cold brew tea, I poured almost the entire 1/2 oz taster that I received of this tea into the filter and filled the jar up with water.  I left out a little bit just so I could try this tea hot but I have a feeling this is a tea better experienced cold.

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Brewed up with water set at about 190F, I let the tea steep for about 4 minutes and allowed the tea to cool for a moment before diving in. First sip in and I have to say this tea is a very limey tea with a lovely buttery undertone.  I can’t say that I absolutely love the flavor but I love the uniqueness.  To be honest, the lime flavor hot is a bit odd to me and I think my first impression is right, this tea will probably be better cold.

So come tomorrow I’ll be able to properly try the tea as it will have sat in the fridge for over 10 hours.  I tried 52Teas’s Strawberry Zabaglione Black Tea last week in this brewer and it tasted amazing.  Really allowed those strawberries flavors to pop while letting the black tea create a gorgeous background base.  I was able to get about 4 days worth of constant cold brew out of the same leaves.  I even took some to work and everyone loved it.

I have tried so many different ways to cold brew tea and this is the easiest and simplest way. I love the fact the mason jar easily fits into the fridge. Plus with the filter having such a nice fine mesh, there is no way tea leaves can escape into your tea.  Other ways I’ve tried to cold brew, that has happened.

I hope this tea tastes as amazing as the strawberry tea did.  I have a feeling it will be amazing with a blackberry lime green tea flavor combo, but tomorrow we will see!

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