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Geek Girl Blogger’s Valentine’s Card Exchange

I chatted about this last week and yesterday, but I wanted to share all of the awesome and brilliant Valentines I received from the Geek Girl Bloggers Group. These Valentines just made me smile as I received them in the mail.


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These ladies just make me smile and have welcomed my tea/coffee geek loving self with open arms. Just love them all!  Thank you ladies for sharing the love on Valentine’s day! A few of these have ended up on my desk at work, in my kiddos’ room, and on shelves throughout the house.

xoxoxo~Hugs & Love to all of you wonderful ladies!

Geeky Treats!

And speaking of holidays. . .Easter is right around the corner. I honestly can’t believe how fast this year is going so far. I wanted to do something different for my kids for Easter this year. As I look around the house, we still have Christmas and Valentine’s candy throughout the house. I wanted to get some fun unique Easter treats without having a ton of jelly beans added on to our current candy stash that I know I will end up throwing away.


Candy with a Twist is a site I stumbled upon while looking for that different treat for the kids that would appeal to both the teenagers and the younger boys.  I think I found it.


Easter S’Mores! I am crazy in love with these. They are a bit pricey at $7 a kit but these are going to look so great in the boys’ Easter baskets along with a few trinkets.  We won’t have a ton of candy added to our current stash and they all love S’Mores. I hope they like them as much as I do!

Geeky TeaWare. . .

Yes, I have more tea pots, infusers, filters, and every other gadget out there, than most people- but I just keep collecting more. Welcome to my family of tea ware, my new cold brewing coffee/tea mason jar. I just love this guy. You’ll be seeing him a lot in upcoming posts and tea reviews. I’ve been using him for a couple different cold brew teas and I’m in love.


And so are my co-workers. I brought this guy in to work with some 52Teas that I cold brewed and it was heavenly and a great afternoon treat!

~Until Next Time~


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