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Tea of the Day:  The Cake Is A Lie from Geeky Teas. . . 

I am trying hard one again to drink down some of teas. I have a few I have my eye on but I need to start drinking up what I have.  This tea came in the same sample pack as yesterday’s tea of the day did. I was lucky enough to pick up a sampler pack of all of Geeky Teas offerings a while ago and have been slowing going thru them.  I wanted something different so I brewed this blend up. I will admit something. . I am terrible at Portal and probably should leave it at that. That game and I just don’t get along!


Description one the site:  Black tea, natural vanilla flavour, candy sprinkles, natural creme flavour and natural caramel flavour.

Now I am not a huge chocolate fan. I like it, but can pass up chocolate when I see it in our breakroom or if the kids are eating it at home. So I was really surprised when for some reason I really wanted to check this tea out. There wasn’t any mention of chocolate in the blend itself but one whiff of the dry leaf and this tea screamed chocolate cake.  It was fun to see  a sprinkle or two in the sample I had. I just love it when there is candy in my tea!

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Brewed this up and it really did smell like I had a piece of chocolate cake sitting by my desk. I couldn’t wait for the few minutes to end so I could try this tea out. Unfortunately, when I went to release the tea from the steeper, I made a mess. Oh well!

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First sip and this tea was heaven. Even for a non chocolate fan like myself. This tea had the same flavor profile as piece of cake that would have chocolate and caramel running thru it with hints of vanilla here and there. The black tea base was a nice way to add a well balanced smoothness to the tea and a nice malty note.  Spot on one of the best dessert teas I’ve had in a while. Really great and I ended up being able to get another infusion out of the leaves with those same amazing flavors.

This tea will be one I will get a bigger package of in the future. It would be amazing made up latte style or even as an iced tea.  A great way for me to be able to curve that sweet tooth that comes lurking around 2pm.

I really enjoyed this tea and highly recommend Geeky Teas. The shop is just chalk full of awesome fandom teas and goodies.

Other Geeky News. . . . . . 

We are going to change gears here and I’m going to chat about coffee!


I recently went to a local coffee shop, Eysal’s,  to pick up Jason and myself a few honey chai lattes and saw they had a Bananas Foster flavored coffee. Without even thinking, I grabbed the bag (& a few others) and added them to my purchase. At that point, I really didn’t want my latte anymore. I wanted to try this coffee.

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What I loved the most about this coffee was that the beans weren’t crazy slicked over with flavoring oils. Sometimes when I have bought coffee in the past I couldn’t believe how shiny the beans were and it was from all the flavoring they added in. I brewed my cuppa joe up with a pour over gizmo and waited very impatiently to try the coffee.

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Finally the coffee was ready and I took my first sip. Oh was it ever amazing and just decadent as all get out! You could taste the bananas, rum, and brown sugar. It was delicious. you wouldn’t think this flavor would work as a coffee but it really does. I have been drinking it ever since I brought the bag home over the weekend and I just love it.

And what is even cooler is that the shop is local. I loving buying from local stores but we just have very few local coffee shops around me. There isn’t even a local tea shop that sells their own blends.   I am beyond happy that I will be able to support a local shop that is so close to me that sells amazing coffee. It’s a win win!

Besides delicious tea and coffee, I wanted to share my amazing Valentines that I received from my Geek Girl Bloggers FB group, but a few of my pictures didn’t turn out how I like so I will be linking up with them later this evening with a post dedicated to those amazing ladies!

~Until Next Time~


PS Keep checking the blog. . .the next giveaway is around the corner and it will be a coffee themed one this time!

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