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Tea of the Day:  Oliver Queen Green Tea from Geeky Teas  (Arrow inspired tea)

Description:  Green tea, orange peels, marigold flowers, natural lemon flavor and natural orange flavor. Delicious and to the point.


Arrow is one of those shows that I love and don’t love all at the same time. Sometimes I find myself enjoying it while Jason and the twins watch it (especailly when John Barrowman is in the episode) and other times I would rather do something else. The show hasn’t 100% captured me yet which is surprising. I was all about the show when Constantine was on it for that one episode. I was glued to the screen, but besides that this isn’t a show I find myself wanting to watch more of.

Now I’m completely addicted to Legends of Tomorrow. . . . . need to find a tea dedicated to that show!

My Thoughts. . . . . .


Before I tried this tea I had high hopes. This was such a simple green tea blend and that was what I was in the mood for.  A simple tea. But I’ve had simple tea blends in the past and I have to say, sometimes these blends go horribly wrong. Either the green tea doesn’t jive with the citrus picked or the citrus is just overdone. I was hoping neither was the case with this blend.

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After brewing the tea for about 3 minutes with water prepped at about 190F, the tea was ready to go. This tea really didn’t have any noticeable fragrances or aromas going on like other teas. I was hoping that mean this tea was going to be just a subtle sort of deliciousness.

And that is exactly what this tea was. Nothing fancy or really mind blowing. Just simple delicious green tea with a slight lemon hint.  One of those teas you could drink all day and never really get tired of. A green tea flavor. I love green tea so this is a tea that I could never get enough of. I have to say I wanted the citrus flavors kicked up a bit so I added a lemon wedge.


By adding the lemon wedge, it took this from being a slightly lemony green tea to a lemon drop tea. It tasted just like the lemon drop candy I used to eat all the time. I gulped the tea down in no time and made about 4 more pots of tea with this serving. Really good and I love how the green tea has more of a blank canvas going on so you can add in flavors like the lemon wedge if you want or keep it plain. Whatever you are in the mood for.

I loved this tea so much I even made iced tea for me to enjoy later in the week. The ice cubes turned out fantastic! Cut up some lemons, poured the iced tea into my mold, and let them set up over night. Super easy and a great way for me to use up the left over tea I wasn’t going to be able to finish last night.

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Another delicious tea offering from Geeky Teas. One of my favorite tea shops!

In Other Geeky News. . . . 

I have been trying to get into shape over the last year or so and with the news that I am going to my fist con soon, I wanted to really lose a few pounds.  So I picked up a few fun helpers to hopefully get me to that point. A Salad Spinner and a Fruit Infusing Bottle! 

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I had never thought about picking up a salad spinner before and you should see me now geeking out over this contraption in my kitchen. I just love it. I can now make gourmet salads super quick and easy. This orange guy saves me money too. I’m not buying those bagged salads anymore. This spinner keeps salad super fresh so I can buy just a few heads of whatever fancy lettuce I’m in the mood for and have gorgeous salads whenever I want them. It does take up just about half of my fridge but c’mon. . its orange!


The bottle is pretty cool and it has been helping me drink more water. I’ve been having fun picking up fun different delicious fruits to put in and have my own infused water. I have problems with carbonation (which is why I drink so much tea and coffee) and am always on the hunt for some way to spice up whatever I’m drinking. This morning I cut up a plum and put it in my water. So delicious! Hopefully with watching what I eat, eating more salads, starting to exercise, and drinking water, I’ll start to see those numbers on the scale go down!

Wish me luck!

~Until Next Time~


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