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Tea of the Day:  Pineapple Watermelon Sorbet White Tea from 52 Teas

Going thru my tea stash the other day and I stumbled upon about 10 teas from 52Teas that I had forgotten about.  I believe these were teas from the Kickstarter campaign that I backed.  Last night while we watched a movie, I brewed up a pot for Jason and myself.  Watermelon ins a flavor in tea that I sometimes can’t get my head around, but in this case, I was hoping it would work!


Description on the site: 

I’ve used my organic White Peony and blended it with pineapple and watermelon flavors and added just a hint of creamy vanilla to offer a luscious frozen dessert kind of experience.

This is sweet and fruity and delicious – so even though the weather is turning cooler, this will bring your taste buds right back to those warm, beautiful days of summer!  Sweet, lucious watermelon notes dancing with bright, invigorating pineapple flavors with just a hint of creaminess to create a sorbet kind of taste.  Delicious!

My Thoughts

When I first opened the bag I was actually shocked by how delicious this tea actually smelled.  I was worried that the watermelon would be a very overwhelming note.  But the tea had such a nice light summer tropical feel.

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After steeping the tea, I gave Jason a mug but wouldn’t tell him what the tea was.  I wanted to see what flavors he could pick up.  Poured myself a cup and sat down to enjoy. After having a few sips I asked him what he thought the tea was and he said something fruity with floral flavors. He was actually pretty on the nose with this description of this tea.


Watermelon is always an interesting flavor in tea and typically I don’t care for it and stay away from those tea blends.  This one is one of those exceptions.  In this blend, the watermelon really works.  I’m actually surprised as how wonderful this tea is.  The floral flavors from the white tea mingle nicely with the fruity watermelon flavor. I know it sounds like a really odd combination but it really works!  There is a nice overall silky smoothness that makes this tea feel like the sorbet indicated in the title.  Jason and I couldn’t find the pineapple flavors in our hot cuppas and even had another pot, and still no pineapple.   Regardless, this tea is fantastic. A nice oddly refreshing cuppa that is just delicious.  There is a slight tropical touch which might be the pineapple poking thru.

First sip in and I instantly thought about how fantastic this tea would be as a cold brew so I set up my cold brew bottle. This bottle is my favorite for brewing up tea cold brew style. It’s just so easy. I was hoping those pineapple notes that we missed earlier would peek its head out and say hi.

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Even after allowing the tea steep overnight in the fridge those pineapple flavors just want to continue to hide. But again, as a cold brew, this tea is a gorgeous cold brew.  Really good and I just love the refreshing quality. Who would have thought how great watermelon and white tea could be. I’ve seen other tea blends with this combo but have always shied away.  I think now I’ll start taking a closer look!

In Other Geeky News. . . .

Since discovering the pour over method with brewing coffee, I have been craving more coffee during the day. The twins love their coffee drinks so I thought I would try my hand at being an “at home barista”. I have to say, it turned out quite well!

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I picked up a book for my Kindle a DIY Coffee Recipe book.  I knew I could find recipes online but i wanted a simple guide to reference whenever I need it and this book is perfect. Giving you recipes for about 25 or so different coffee drinkers to check out, all sounding delicious. We tried the recipe for the Honey Coffee Recipe last night. It was fabulous. I made 4 servings for the twins, Jason, and myself.  I think we all had them finished within a few minutes. If you are a coffee fan and want to try your hand at making those coffee house style drinks, I recommend this book. I’m excited to make more fun drinks out of this book today!

Now I just have to find the same sort of recipe book to make tea lattes and other fun tea drinks!

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