Bananas Foster from Handmade Tea. . . & Undercover Cupid Revealed! 4

Bananas Foster from Handmade Tea

I sadly recently cancelled my subscription with Handmade Tea. Between the amount of tea I have and the fact I wasn’t loving every tea I was getting, I thought I should take a break.  Handmade Tea is a monthly tea subscription based company.  Each month Handmade Tea sends out a custom special blend to their customers. Their packaging is fantastic and you really do receive quality teas each and every month.


So after I made the decision to cancel my subscription and take a break, this gorgeous package arrived at my door. . .


Anytime I see a tea with bananas in it- I’m sold and if you say Foster afterwards, oh my! I couldn’t wait to tear into this package to see what the tea looked like.


There were gorgeous tight rolled oolong tea leaves with banana slices and butterscotch chips.  This tea looked scrumptious.  The tea blend smelled amazingly sweet and I really hoped that those smells translated into the flavor that was reminiscent of the decadent dessert.

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First sip in, I didn’t pick up any of those notes that would remind me of bananas foster. But, this tea was delicious regardless of what it was supposed to taste like. The oolong was a wonderful base for this tea. It provided a very nice slightly sweet vegetal base for the other flavors to contrast against.  I didn’t pick up any banana flavors but I did get those sweet cinnamon and caramel flavors along with subtle butterscotch notes. Now and again I’m picking up a honey sweetness as well.  A divine cuppa for sure! Yum!

Even tho this tea doesn’t exactly taste like bananas foster, I will have no problem finishing it and I absolutely love the tea. I’ve been drinking it non stop for the last two days.  And since this is an oolong base, I’m able to get several steepings out of each serving.  Each infusion provides a slightly different flavor but overall, the flavors I described is what I’m really getting.


So after tasting this tea, I’m starting my subscription back up.  I can’t imagine now missing a month from Handmade Tea with tea blends like this. If I end up with a tea I don’t care for, I’ll happily send it along to another tea pal. .  I just can’t quit them!

In Other Geeky News

I’ve talked about them before but I love my Geek Girl Bloggers Group.  They keep me going and give me so much inspiration.  I just love them all! We recently did an Undercover Cupid Exchange and it was a blast!



My undercover cupid was Danielle From Girlie to Nerdy.  She is amazing and her blog just makes me smile.  And when I opened the box from her, I squealed!

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The mug is fantastic! I have been using the mug non stop.  Even to the point where I fish it out of the dishwasher and clean the mug by hand to use it.  The octopus steeper or should I say OcTEApus tea infuser is just the cutest! I have used it a few times and I’m sure you will be seeing more of him on the blog. I’ve already used the mug a few times. She also included a Marvel heart full of lollipops that the boys devoured and a small box of chocolate.

Thank you so much Danielle! The present was #perfect!

Until Next Time~


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