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This month has flown by! I can’t believe it is already Feb 16th.  Geez! I apologize for the lack of posts lately. I’m hoping work will even out a bit so that I can once again start posting and  having the energy to post at night. It just has been nutty. Between all of our Valentine Day fun, seeing Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (twice- loved it!), Deadpool(loved it too!), a friend’s shower for my sister-in-law, plus just the every day duties of 4 kiddos, myself and Jason- I just want to take a nap.

But before I do that, I wanted to chat about a tea that was in the mail for me the other day. A tea that reminded me why Anne is one of my favorite tea blenders ever. A tea that knocked my socks (& a co-workers socks off). . .I’m talking about the new Chocolate and Rose Truffle Black Tea from 52Teas. 

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From the site:  The base of the tea is a blend of four black teas: two teas from Verdant Tea, a rich, malty Assam and a rose Congou. To that I added chocolate flavoring, cacao shells & nibs, mini vegan chocolate chips and vegan white chocolate chips. The result is a very chocolate-y tea with just a hint of rose that’s a perfectly romantic tea to give to that special someone this Valentine’s Day – or any day of the year that you want to tell someone you care!

If you haven’t checked out 52Teas yet, I really recommend you do so. . .like now! (I kid. . after you finish reading this, then you need to go to their site).  52Teas produces a limited quality high end tea blend each week.  When these teas are gone, they are gone. So they are ones you want to pick up quick!

First impression of this Valentine inspired tea was that it was going to be a crazy over chocolate tea. I am not the biggest fan of chocolate teas but there have been a few out there that I have really enjoyed., the majority of those coming from 52Teas. I took a whiff of the dry leaf and this tea had such a deep rich chocolate note with hints of the rose here and there.

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This tea also looked exactly like what the website picture looked like. Crisp black tea leaves, mixed with large rose petals and generous portions of chocolate. I couldn’t wait to steep the blend up. I used my LINKYO French Press (if you are in the market for a french press, I highly recommend it. I just adore it.  Classy, elegant, sleek, and works beautifully.  Can’t go wrong!) that I keep at work to brew up coffee to brew this up.  I planned up brewing up a good amount since I was sharing and thought this would be a great way to do just that. Prepped up my boiling water and poured the water into the French Press.


Careful not to oversteep at about 3 minutes in, I pressed down on the plunger to serve up the tea. I poured two generous mugs for myself and my lovely cube mate.  We couldn’t wait to dive in! The tea still had that rich decadent chocolate aroma and I was worried this might be too chocolate flavored for me. When I noticed how light the coloring of the tea was, I wasn’t so hesitant to try the tea. Took my first sip, and wow-I was surprised at how light and subtle this tea really was!


Those rich chocolate notes I was getting became a soft lush chocolate that was the background flavor through each sip. The true star of the tea was the gorgeous rose petals that gave the tea an almost feminine feel. A very gentle floral touch.  The chocolate was noticeable but definitely not the strong chocolate I was getting from the dry leaf. Mixed in with this stunning black tea base and this tea would be one that should be shared around cookies while enjoying afternoon tea with your favorite someone. This tea is just plain delicious and that is coming from someone who would prefer peanut butter over chocolate.  (Hint Hint Anne-Maybe A Peanut Butter Tea?) A tea that I  know will be devoured by the twins and one that Jason will be asking for more of. Brilliant Anne! Well done!

I can’t wait to brew up the rest of the tea and add a latte topping to it. I bet it will be dynamite! I made one last night and it was too die for! (Sneak preview of a post coming up. Used my new so amazing Frothing Cup. I was in heaven! No more messing frothing for me!)


And speaking of how marvelous this tea is, it is time to announce our winner of the ValenTea Related Giveaway. . .So without further ado. . .


Pam Lindell! You are the winner of your very own two pack infuser from Tea Commission and a taster pack of this Chocolate Rose Truffle Black Tea. I’ll be emailing you soon to get your information. I hope you enjoy the tea as much as I did!

And don’t be sad if you didn’t win! I have an amazing French Press and Frother prize pack coming around to celebrate March. Keep your eyes peeled for the next Random Act of Tea!

And in other geeky news and reviews. . . . .

Lately a lot of people at work have been talking about these expensive Vacuum Insulated Travel Mugs that keep ice cold for about 24 hours? A co-worker received one as a gift and has been bragging about this cup for a while. Well, being the beverage addict that I am, I had to get one.  . . . . And I did!

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This cup is just fantastic. I love it.She was absolutely right about how awesome it is.

 You can literally  put ice in the cup in the morning and still have that same ice at night, even after adding additional liquids to the cup thru the day. The cup doesn’t sweat and will keep your water or other beverages super cold thru the day. I have noticed that certain types of ice work better than others. The ice that comes from your refrigerator or denser ice seems to work better than ice that you would get at a gas station or grocery store in the bag. I have brewed up iced tea and enjoyed it thru the day, but didn’t get to finish before I went to bed. Left the cup out on the counter and the next morning my tea is still cold with ice still in it. I love this cup. The cup does tend to get a bit cold when you put an insane amount of ice in it like I have so my mom made me a cozy for the cup. I just love it.

This is one of those cups that just make drinking water easier, which was one of my goals this year. I wanted to start drinking more water to start getting in shape and just getting a healthier me all around.

So yes, these cups are expensive, but I have to say, they are worth it! I am so in love with mine that I’ve picked up a few here and there for friends and now my dad is asking me for one. They are really that cool!

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Nichole/CuppaGeek/The Geeky Reviewer

~Until Next Time~The New and Improved CuppaGeek! (I got a hair cut-ha!)~

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Nichole/CuppaGeek/The Geeky Reviewer

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