My Coffee and Tea Adventures Part 1! #coppermug #osakacoffee 1

My kitchen is chalk full of different drink contraptions. . . what can I say, I just love my beverages!

Recently, I came across this gem and had to try it!


I never heard of the siphon method for making coffee, but I guess it is a thing.  This particular siphon coffee maker is from Osaka Coffee.  When I did a search to learn more about this  method, there are several brands out there that have these.  They just looked so cool and I was excited I got to try it out. This coffee maker looks stunning and comes in a few parts, mainly glasses pieces.  Such a fun unique way to brew up coffee and impress your guests.  And it does actually work!

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Boil water and pour into the bottom vessel, take your ground coffee and scoop the coffee into the top piece.  Light the burner and away you go! The coffee then does what Jason calls “Coffee Brewed By Science” within a few minutes, we had a delicious cup of coffee.

Jason and I had a great time with it, but I can’t say that it will be method we will use a whole lot.  I’m just really partial to my french presses, but I will gladly show off this gorgeous gem when company comes over. But I have to say, this is definitely a show stopper and can see this being a conversation piece for any kitchen. Just so cool!!


Besides this awesome coffee brewer, I was also lucky enough to get to check out a Moscow Mule Mug. I’ve wanted one of these for while, I mean they are just so cool!


I’ve been researching different recipes to use in it but haven’t come up with a good one yet. My brother has a great one that he uses ginger beer and a few other ingredients, but I can’t say I’m a huge fan of ginger beer. I’ll keep trying tho. I love drinking iced tea out of it.  The handle fits my hand perfectly.  I just love it! Quality and just a great mug to keep on hand for different types of beverages.

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One thought on “My Coffee and Tea Adventures Part 1! #coppermug #osakacoffee

  • Steff

    Oh they did this in Breaking Bad! It looks very cool anyway! My drip machine threw a hissy fit this morning and leaked all over, so maybe someday I’ll try one of these! 🍵