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TGIF my friends.  I hope you all have entered the fun ValenTea Giveaway and The Golden Snitch giveaway. Both have fantastic prizes in them.


To celebrate Fandom Friday right, I thought I’d try another one of my Adagio Signature Blends.  And of course, it is Doctor Who related! (Look at my new Pops!! Insert squeals here!)


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Whovian FEELS is a blend of Irish Breakfast, Gunpowder, Cream, Cocoa Nibs, and Cinnamon. I have to say, this tea smells amazing. Like a cinnamon candle with a hint of chocolate thrown in. Smelled amazingly decadent and calorie ridden. I would never have thought about putting these flavors together. But this being an Adagio Signature Blend, I always have that fear that the black tea in the blend will over power all other flavors.

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I was also excited because my new TeaLeava tea pot arrived. (Sadly, not Doctor Who related. I need to fix that!)

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This particular tea pot is pretty fantastic. I love the simplistic design of it.  Not a whole lot of thrills and frills, just a simple, but stunning way to steep tea.  The infuser component is my favorite. The wholes are so small that I can’t see how much could swim its way into your brew.  Smaller wholes I’m hoping will lead to less debris at the bottom of the cuppa.

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The lid for this beauty also has three wholes in it, allowing for air to help aid in steeping the tea.  A lot of tea pots or infusers that are similar do not have this feature.  Overall I am quite pleased and you can just never have enough tea gadgets!

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So after brewing this lovely tea up for a few minutes, I was greeted with a lovely gorgeous brew that I couldn’t wait to try out. The first sip told me that this tea would make an amazing latte. The brew also let me know that the black tea base was taking second fiddle to all the other flavors. My fears were alleviated!

 First notes I picked up were those of creamy cinnamon with a slight hint of the irish breakfast poking its head out to say hi.  And this wasn’t an overwhelming cinnamon.  Cinnamon in tea is very hit or miss to me.  This particular variant is a hit! The cinnamon is delicious, inviting and warming.  The chocolate in the tea is very soft and gentle providing that right tone for the tea. Another flavor I really don’t care for in tea, but in this one it is fabulous! I didn’t pick up any of the gunpowder flavor but I can’t say I want to. I love how this tea tastes as is.

This tea is another very well blended tea from Adagio Signature Blends and one that I know the twins will gulp and devour.  The aroma definetly translated into this brilliant flavor.  Charming and cozy.  Now all I need to do is load up some Doctor Who or Torchwood and I will be set.  Another great tea based off of my favorite fandom!

And if you are wanting some more fandom fun, check out the Funko Friday page. I use a lot of Pops in this post and others.  They are addictive as all get out and just about my entire family collects them. They adorn my desk at work and are in about every room in my house. I just love the little guys!


Have a great Friday all!

 ~Until Next Time~

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