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Welcome to what I hope will become a new Friday section. Fandom Friday! Here you’ll find different fun tea blends or monthly subscriptions that are fandom related.  Of course, if you are a regular reader, you know exactly which fandom I’m picking today!


Last week, my Adagio Teas order arrived and of course there was a half a dozen different sample tins, all with amazing tea blends dedicated to Doctor Who.


There is just something fun and charming about drinking a tea dedicated to the show you are watching.  It just kicks up the whole experience up a notch. This particular blend has been on my wish list for a bit and I’ve already told Jason I’m ordering a big bag of it soon!


Green Tardis is a signature blend comprised of Earl Grey with hints of blueberry and vanilla. (Earl Grey Green, Vanilla Green, and White Blueberry).  This simple yet marvelous combination has to be one of the better Adagio blends I’ve ever had!


The dry leaf of this blend didn’t really have that appealing to the eye factor.  It honestly looked blah but will say that the aroma was fabulous.  There was a soft sweet citrus like note to them. I loved watching this tea steep in my cool new tea infuser.


After about 3 minutes, the tea was ready to enjoy! I could still pick up those lovely soft citrus notes while I poured the tea.  I was really hoping that soft flavor would translate over into the tea.


And it did! This gorgeous yellowish green brew was the perfect combination of earl grey for me with hints of a sweeter fruity flavor.  You can pick up the bergamot but it is calmed down by the green tea base and white tea, giving the tea a floral and smooth buttery flavor.  The blueberry adds to that citrus twist that earl grey is known for, providing this tea with a bit more definition.  And the vanilla peaks its head out here and there completing each and every sip.  Just gorgeous. A blend that really impressed me and blended very well.


Like I said in the past, Adagio blends, especially their black tea blends, can come off really heavy.  This tea was the complete opposite.  Light, refreshing, fresh, and crisp.  Honestly, one of the best earl grey combinations I’ve had in a while.  Really enjoyed this one and so did Jason.  One that I would have no problem buying a larger package of. And in case you are interested. . . Adagio gives an extra ounce of this tea for free when you buy the bigger size.  As they say, its bigger on the inside of their package! (Hee Hee!)

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