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Plum Deluxe is a great monthly tea subscription program that just isn’t a bag of tea in the mail every month.  They have created a community surrounding their products and a common shared love.  They have created a community of tea lovers.  A community that does secret gift exchanges, has honest and thoughtful conversations, shares their latest teaware purchases and a great love, understanding and passion for tea.


The positivity surrounding this company is something I’ve always admired and I’m glad I’m a part of it, tho I rarely chat with other members.  Andy and Carrie, the lovely Plum Deluxe leaders, host a Facebook group just for their subscribers, allowing their subscribers to post and ask questions surrounding tea to their heart’s content.  It is really fun to see bagged tea drinkers being converted to loose leaf and see their comments.


I used to review their monthly offering each month on the blog, but I will be honest, it seems that I haven’t really cared for the teas as of late.  Not that it bothers me, you won’t like every tea.  And that is the beauty of tea.  It is an adventure each and every time you try a blend.  With all the combinations that are out there, finding a few blends you don’t care for is bound to happen.  But I have been a big girl.  I have tried each and every one regardless of whether or not I think I will like the tea.  That’s why I love these sort of plans, it forces you to get out of your comfort zone.


So after having a few months of not caring for the tea, I was giddy and gleeful when I saw what came this month.  A green tea blend. It’s like Andy made it just for me! I did check with Andy and this specific tea blend is only available to Plum Deluxe members.  Sad because I think this is one of the best blends they have created yet!


Fresh Perspectives Green Tea is an organic blend of Fujian Green Tea, Apricot Pieces, Cinnamon Chips, Calendula and Vanilla Essence.

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This blend had such a lovely vibrant look to it.  Dark greens and browns with pops of happy yellow.  And I have to say that is exactly how I would describe this tea. . .as a happy tea.  Gorgeous fruity notes with a lush smooth rich buttery green finish with a very subtle hint of a sweet cinnamon spice looming in the background.  The fruity notes remind me of a marvelous homemade marmalade or jelly.  You really pick up the apricot flavors, which I adore.  A delicious flavor that I could drink all day.  So much flavor each and every sip.  . .   And all of this flavor just from one steeping.

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I did steep this tea two more times and each cuppa was delicious as the one before, just a bit less in flavor.  Probably my favorite tea that I’ve had from Plum Deluxe so far.  Even tho I have a crazy amount of tea right now, this would be a tea that I would love to have again and again and again.  Really great and satisfied that 3pm sweet craving I had.

I can’t recommend this company or their teas enough.  I just love them.  I had entertained the idea of cancelling this subscription in December while I stared at my crazy amount of tea I had, but that fleeting thought is gone. This tea reminds me of why I feel in love with Plum Deluxe in the first place.  Amazing quality tea from a passionate caring tea company that truly cares about their customers.


Off to make another cuppa!

~Until Next Time~

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