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Wendigo Tea Company is one of my favorites.  Sky offers amazing straight teas that keep you wanting more.  The teas from Wendigo last pot after pot.  I’ve actually infused one serving of tea about 6 times.  Just amazing rich flavors. Each tea is named after a Cryptozoic creature.  There is a BigFoot blend which is easily my favorite tea ever and Nessy- and amazing jasmine green pearl tea that is simply beautiful.  There are a couple more, but those are my favorites.

In my last order from them, there was a sample of this tea.  I thought during our recent Doctor Who marathon that it was the perfect time to see what this tea was all about!


Black Shuck is an earl grey tea blend.  The description from the site:

I am Black Shuck, and I haunt the graveyard of English Prime Minister Earl Grey. I am the bloodthirsty beast that dwells in the shadows. I am a legendary hell hound, and I’m ready to pounce.  Most Earl Greys use perfumed flavor extracts to mask the boring, bitter taste of their cheap tea leaves. These teas may bash you in the face with flavor, but it’s the flavor of chemicals—not of high-quality tea leaves and all-natural ingredients. Wendigo Black Shuck Earl Grey is a beast of a different nature.  Black Shuck is a complex tea characterized by notes of warm autumn spices, earth, and invigorating citrus. Natural bergamot orange zest adds that signature Earl Grey taste to a delicate Indian black tea base. This tea’s classic flavor and haunting aftertaste will leave you looking off into the distance wondering, “Is that the Shuck?” Yes it is.
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The dry leaf intrigued me quite a bit.  It had the same notes as the BigFoot tea and I really didn’t get any of the earl grey bergamot notes like I do other Earl Greys.  Which I have to say I’m completely ok with.  I think Earl Grey tea is good, but in moderation.  Sometimes the bergamot oil is overpowing and it just isn’t my cuppa tea.  I was quite excited that the Earl Grey notes seemed to be subtle.
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I didn’t just want the Earl Grey plain tho.  I wanted an Eary Grey latte.  So while the tea was brewing in my press, I grabbed my Lux Frother.  I have a Breville Frother, but you need to froth up a good amount of milk.  I just wanted to add a touch of milk to the tea so this worked out perfectly. The Lux Frother is fantastic, powerful, and unique.  The unique part comes into play is that there is a double coil on the end of the wand, instead of just one coil.  Having the two coils, froths up the milk marvelously.  I love this frother and see many more lattes in my future. Especially at work.  Its just the right size to keep in my drawer.
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A bit of warning, this Lux Frother is crazy powerful! I made a mess in about 2 seconds flat.  I need to pick up one of those frothing pitchers to do it right.  Before I knew it, I had a mess.  But it took me no time at all to clean it up.  I’m still really impressed with this frother.
After allowing the lattes to cool a moment, Jason and I took a drink from our cuppas.  Jason loved his.  He said it was rich, smooth, and very Earl Grey like.  He loved it and his cuppa was gone.  My thoughts? I loved it too, but I actually couldn’t taste any of the Earl Grey flavors, just rich, smooth, well balanced brilliant tea that had a very subtle slight citrus twist. I loved mine as well and I was glad I didn’t pick up any of the bergamot.
I have always adored teas from Wendigo and this was is right on par with the rest of them.  I adore the teas and this one is going on the counter with the other teas from Wendigo.
Just gorgeous and I feel like this one I might need more of soon!
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  • johnny

    I literally laughed out loud with your image of the spill
    Same thing happens to me 🙂 every time i use it

    thanks Nichole!