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Not too long ago, I was on twitter and noticed a new Kickstarter campaign for a company that was pairing classic literature greats and tea.  I was instantly intrigued!


NovelTeas is a family of book and tea lovers who combined these passions into one cool product.  A book tin that you can store your tea in. Right now they have three different offerings, War and Peach, The Picture of Earl Grey, and Don QuixoTea.  There are others in the works I believe. Their Kickstarter Campaign was quite successful.


I picked War and Peach.  I wasn’t sure if I would care for the Chai flavor profile of the Don QuixoTea and I’m very picky about my Earl Grey teas so I wasn’t sure about the Picture of Earl Grey.


War and Peach is a lovely blend of chamomile, white tea, peaches, pineapple, natural flavors, and sunflower.  The website description lists the tea as: ORGANIC PEACHES SEARCHING FOR FULFILLMENT IN THE BOLD BRACE OF A STRONG WHITE TEA, GRASPING FOR THE WARMTH OF PINEAPPLE, THE SERENITY OF CHAMOMILE, AND PURPOSE IN SUNFLOWER.

warandpeach2I wanted to see the lovely tea brewing so I brewed the tea up in my new glass coffee press.   The warmth and marvelous aroma of peaches and pineapple filled the kitchen.  I couldn’t wait to try this blend.  It smelled amazing and bright.  A blend that actually reminded me of a summer breeze and gorgeous warm weather.  Jason and Casey (one of my stepsons) a cuppa along with myself and we sat down to enjoy a cuppa tea while playing Cash and Guns. . one of our favorite family games.  (If you haven’t checked this game out, you should! It is a blast and super easy to learn.  We adore it!).

After a round, I asked Jason how he liked the tea and I could tell from the look on his face, this tea wasn’t for him.  He said it had a black licorice flavor.  I could see that.  There was a note of black anise in the blend.  I asked Casey if he liked it and he showed me his mug, his tea was gone.  He really enjoyed it.  My opinion of the blend?

It wasn’t exactly what I was hoping for but it wasn’t bad either.  It could be one of those blends that needed to be shaken up in the bag first then scooped out.  The peach flavor was the strongest mixed with a subtle chamomile finish. The pineapple flavor was also quite subtle with a very quiet white tea note.  I was missing that tropical feel that I had from the dry leaf.  To finish off each sip, there was a resemblance to black licorice.  I have to point out that I don’t care for black licorice at all so I was surprised that I didn’t immediately discard my cuppa.  I found myself so intrigued by this tea and I still am.  I don’t hate it but I don’t immediately love it.  I almost wish the white tea flavor came across more.  It might smooth over the rest of the blend with a brilliant floral finish.  I’m thinking this might be a blend that would do for a proper cold brew or even an awesome iced tea cubed tea to achieve that sort of result.  I did just picked up some Doctor Who silicone molds. . . .


All in all, a blend that does have all the components of an amazing blend- just might be one that I have to play with.  Regardless, I love the tin the tea comes in.  It looks fabulous snuggled up to my wedding bouquet on our shelf in the family room.  A great way to display tea without having bags of tea laying around.  I’m hoping to try all three tea blends at some point.  I’m hoping at some point you can pick up the tins by themselves. I would love to have all of them!

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