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Even with way too many teas in my cupboard, I couldn’t resist picking up a few teas from Adagio to enjoy while we ferociously binge on Doctor Who before the show is pulled from Netflix. I had seen so many glorious sounding blends that I always wanted to try but without seeing the show first, I kinda felt like a poser. Now that I’m officially 100% crazed and insanely addicted to the show, I can now check these blends out.


Earlier in the week, I put in a small order for a few Adagio Signature Blends. Adagio allows you the ability to custom blend your own tea.  Now this is a great idea and a really bad one all at the same time.  Their teas seemed to be a bit heavy when it comes to certain inclusions or tea bases so you have to be really careful or you will end up with a tea that you can’t drink.  This has happened to me before.  When I first started drinking tea, I would place an order with Adagio just about every week, blending my own teas in honor of my favorite fandoms or really whatever my brain could think of.  Back then, you only had one option- $9 for a 3oz pouch.  A 3 oz pouch of tea that you spent $9 on that is undrinkable can ruin one’s day.


 Luckily, Adagio is now selling sample tins for $4.  Each sample tin contains about 5 cups of tea.  Still a bit steep, but you do get a tin with your tea. I wish they packaged them a little differently so you didn’t have a gazillion of these tins all over and the price could go down a bit, but hey, it is still way better than shelling out $9 for a bag of tea that you don’t know if you like or not.

So last night, my order arrived and surprisingly, the first tea I grab to check out isn’t even a Doctor Who fandom tea. . .It is a tea that I’ve had my eye on for a very long time. . .


Today’s Tea is Ancient Orange. . .a tea dedicated to the different monster cereals like Frankenberry and Count Chocula.  I used to devour these cereals as a kid and have had this tea on my wishlist for quite some time.


This tea blend consists of black tea, orange peels, natural orange flavor, natural creme flavor, natural vanilla flavor, and is accented with orange peels. Let me say, this tea smells exactly like an orange dreamsicle. I sat and sniffed this little tin of tea for a couple minutes before brewing it up.  The aroma was amazing!


Tossed some of this into my steeper (love my Grosche steeper!) and away I went.  Still smelling that amazing orange dreamsicle aroma.

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Sadly, that amazing fragrant note I was getting was the best part of the tea.  Here is where I find fault with Adagio’s black teas.  Their black tea base is incredibly heavy and when someone is blending their own tea, if they aren’t careful the tea will come out extremely astringent and you will get little to no taste out of any other inclusions that may be in the blend.  This tea was extremely astringent and tho I could smell that amazing orangey cream vanilla fragrance, it didn’t translate into a cuppa I would enjoy. But I’ve been having really good luck lately with freezing tea and making ice tea cubes out of it. I’m going to take what is left in this cuppa and see if maybe this tea will serve better as an iced tea. It could also be that I overleafed and maybe should rein in the tea I put into the infuser to begin with.

Edit:  As iced tea cubes, this tea is amazing! The orange seems to have taken the spotlight while the cream and vanilla flavors mellow out the black tea base.  I’m thinking this tea will be amazing cold brewed! Delicious! 

Regardless, the tea is still fun and trying out all the different fandom based unique creations that Adagio offers is just a blast.  They currently have over 84k different signature blends to check out.  And if you review the tea you purchased with them, they give you points that you can redeem later in exchange for money knocked off of your order.

A fun unique way to enjoy your fandoms even more! Now I just have to get a few Doctor Who Pops so I can really review the tea right!

~Until Next Time!

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