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It is no secret. I love my tea gadgets. Love love love them! I have so many tea infusers and whatcha-ma-call-its, it really isn’t funny. But I can’t help it. I just love my tea goodies! But when I travel with about 100 teas back and forth to work everyday, you have to have a nice supply of different teawares to accommodate what you drink during the day.  At least that is how I justify it.  Now, I have been put on a tea buying banned by my new hubby. (Ha! I just bought tea earlier in the week- but they are Doctor Who related-In my head, they don’t count!)

So I am trying hard to stick with it.  But he said nothing about new tea kettles!

Let me introduce you to my new work buddy, my Ivation Variable Tea Kettle! 


This bad boy has been sitting on my desk aiding in making me tea and coffee for the last couple of days.  I love em!

Easy to use and probably the quietest variable tea kettle I’ve ever used, this delight has 6 different water temperature settings for just about any tea you would want to brew.  There is even a Keep Warm button that I like so I can have a continuous cuppa going.

What I love the most about this beauty is that I can boil water without it sounding like a rocket is blowing up at my desk.  The last tea kettle I had, I cringed whenever I needed to boil water. My cube mates are marvelous but I hate disturbing them while they are on the phone chatting with clients.  Hearing a rocket ship in the background isn’t probably what anyone wants to hear.

Being the avid tea drinker I am, I have literally sat here trying to find something wrong with the kettle or something I would like to change, but I can’t find one. It holds a ton of water and is perfect for my desk size.  I now have an awesome array of tea goodies on my desk and have created my own tea station. I’m in heaven!

Now I will admit, this isn’t a cheap kettle, but I’ve bought the cheap kettles before and haven’t been happy with them. Everything from the push button lid top to how easy it is to handle, this kettle has it all for me. ca530752-56fd-4350-a0bd-2b1f3442b915

If you are in the market for a tea kettle, I highly recommend this one. I have my Breville at home, but for my desk- this guy is perfect! Now I can really get some tea drinking done in style!

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So what do you do with over 600 teas in your tea stash?

Why you freeze them into fun shaped iced cubes and enjoy them all day as iced tea!

Tea doesn’t necessarily go bad if you care for it correctly.  Some tea can last a couple years, but others seem to go stale after about 6 months of the package being opened.  I keep all my tea in a cupboard, but I’ve started to notice some flavor weakening issues in some of my older teas. I can tell that age is starting to catch up with them.  So I had a thought. . . I’ve been addicted to my Star Wars silicone molds lately so I thought I would brew up some tea and see what I could come up with.

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(You can’t tell it, but there are a bunch of different Star Wars ice cubes in my water glass, creating refreshing iced tea for me.)

I review products quite often from companies who sell their products on Amazon-looking for reviews.  Literally last night, this guy arrived at my door. (I only had to review the product on Amazon but I couldn’t resist having some fun with it.) A stainless steel insulated thermos that is supposed to keep your cold items cold for 10 hours.  Now, this is technically supposed to hold soup or a salad- food of some sort. But I wanted to be a bit more creative.

While the boys were getting ready for bed, I brewed up some tea a little stronger than I normally would drink it.  Poured the liquid into my silicone molds and this morning popped the fabulous iced cubes into this thermos.  The thermos fit perfectly into my lunch bag.

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All day I have been enjoying delicious refreshing Graveyard Mist iced tea. (From 52Teas) The thermos has kept these geeky ice cubes from melting pretty much the entire day, allowing me several cups of iced tea.  I’ve already ordered myself more silicone molds for Doctor Who and dinosaur ones to have fun with my kiddos.  I love how now I can enjoy both iced tea and hot tea at my desk at work with really little fuss and all with a geeky twist!

~Until next time~

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