We interrupt this tea session to provide you pictures of my wedding! #wedding 21

A couple days ago, we received a link to our wedding pictures. I couldn’t be happier.  A friend of ours is a photographer and he took the pictures! I thought he did a marvelous job!

Wedding-Bulk-10 Wedding-Bulk-18

My boys walked me down the aisle while the rest of our close friends and family members watched.  My dad’s close friend performed the ceremony for us. It was intimate, simple, and full of love. . .exactly what we wanted.

Wedding-13 Wedding-10 Wedding-12 Wedding-22

At the end of the day, I married my best friend, my rock, the guy that really does complete me in every way.  He has changed me for the better and I’ve never been happier.  He is the main reason I became a blogger.  Jason supports me for all of my crazy ideas and I love him for it.

Wedding-Bulk-19 Wedding-11 Wedding-1

And of course the day was full of my mom’s amazing cupcakes! Such a great day full of so many sweet memories. . .

Tomorrow we will get back to the geeky fun but today, I just thought I’d share!

Have a fantastic day everyone!

~Until Next Time!

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