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Today I’m posting a bit late and I apologize for that.  The day literally got away from me.  Between work, school projects, chatting with my parents for a bit, and just day in and day out duties. . . all of a sudden I look at the clock and it is almost 9pm.  Eek!

Well, I did get a moment to check out some tea and share a pot with Jason, something we haven’t done in a bit and I miss.  I’ve ordered a ton of Adagio Signature Blends for us to check out while we binge on Doctor Who.  I can’t wait for them to arrive. Until they arrive, I thought I’d check out some of my tea stash.

logo One of the best logos I’ve ever see, The Angry Tea Room has a great variety of teas to offer.  From black teas to herbals, they have a tea for every occasion and every palate.  They even have their own tea of the month club.   I’ve really enjoyed their teas in the past so I was ready to try this one. Especially because of how beautiful the tea leaves looked.


Angry Oolong is a blend of (from the website) fantastic floral and citrus oolong created just for The Angry Tea Room.  This is our signature blend.  Soothing for those days you just want to open a can of Whoop-a$$.

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Such a gorgeous blend of ingredients and colors.  I loved how the oolong and the rose petals looked against each other, a dark background with a pop of color.  The blend consists of oolong, chamomile flowers, rosebuds, cornflowers and orange peel all infused with citrus flavor. I poured 4 scoops into my Breville and poured 4 cups of water into the pot.  Hit the Oolong button and set out two mugs.

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How gorgeous does that cuppa look? I couldn’t wait to take a sip.  Jason finished his cuppa in no time flat.  I took my first sip and I picked up all of those marvelous fantastic floral and citrus flavors described in the description.  So delicious. The floral and citrus notes playing well with the oolong base.  The oolong base didn’t much have that roasted oolong flavor or vegetal flavor.  More of a smooth silky like note.  This is one of those blends that is so simple yet done so well.  A blend that could have gone so terribly wrong but just works so brilliantly.  I can see why this blend is their signature blend. This is one of those teas you’ll find yourself craving later in the evening or the next day.  Delicious, refreshing, soothing, calming, invigorating and oh so charming.  Exactly what a tea should be. Love it!

Another fabulous blend from the Angry Tea Room. Fantastic!


Mark another goal off the ol resolution list for 2016.  Fitness!

I finally started working out. I started small, but at least I started.  Woot! Woot! I’ve seen a lot of those cable jump ropes so I thought I’d give them a go.  I’m sure my neighbors found me hilarious jump roping with my winter coat, stocking cap, and gloves on-my Guardians of the Galaxy scarf flopping in the wind.  Ha! I’m sure it was a sight.  The jump rope was easy to figure how to adjust to my needs and away I went.  I think I lasted about 3 minutes, but it was a start.  We will see how long it lasts, but if I’m going to work out, it’ll be with something like resistance bands or a jump rope.  So fun and so easy! It might not be as much fitness as I actually need, but its a start!

Crossed any resolutions off your list?

~Until next time~

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