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I will freely admit it. . .I have become obsessed with Doctor Who. Big Time. I love the show.  Everything about it.  The quirkiness, the off the wall humor, the stories. . . I get giddy every time we watch a new episode.  I must confess that even tho they are the bad guys, the Daleks have a special place in my heart.  When I hear there unique voices saying”Exterminate” , I just giggle.


Geeky Teas has created a tea for the Doctor. Who fandom.  And I just so happened to have been saving my sample of the tea until the day when I could start watching the show.  Last night I broke the tea out and gave it a go!



Geeky Teas is a tea shop I adore.  They offer amazing hand blended teas from several different fandoms.  Anything from Minecraft, Doctor Who, and Pokemon to X-Files and Harry Potter.  Last time I picked up a sampler pack of all their offerings, I believe there were 40 different teas included.  I didn’t love all of them, but I loved the passion and soul that Donna puts into her tea.  She truly cares for her customers and I love supporting her.


Bad Wolf Tea is a tea blend that consists of:  black tea, rose petals and natural rose flavoring. They say the tea is as strong and sweet, just like our favourite companion. And I have to say. . . this is a pretty great blend!


The sample I picked up from Geeky Teas made 2 servings but I actually was quite selfish and kept all of this brew to myself.  I took a moment and inhaled all of the lovely aromas coming from the dry leaf- sweet and slightly malty.  Took out my Death Star Infuser and Geeky Teas mug and boiled water.  In a few moments, I had a lovely tea ready for me to check out!

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Took my first sip while the boys were finishing up the last few minutes of Heroes, which might I add had the 9th Doctor in it. After taking my first sip, I nicely let Jason take one as well, but told him the rest of the cup was mine.  I wasn’t about to share.

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This blend was-well-brilliant! Definitely worthy of being a fandom tea for Doctor Who.  (At least in my opinion.) The black tea base gave this nice malty almost woodsy sort of texture and feel while the rose petals added in the much needed sweetness to contrast the tea base.  The tea was very well balanced and had a nice completed well rounded taste.  I adore rose flavoring so this one had my name all over it.  This tea is fantastic and gives you all the notes you would want from the black tea and all the natural sweetness from the rose petals and flavoring.  A tea that could have easily gone horribly wrong but Donna yet again has made a fabulous tea.

Now I just need to chat with her about starting to make more Marvel based teas-Killgrave tea anyone?


Lately I’ve been reading an unique book that I just wanted to share a bit about.  It isn’t a book for everybody but for those out there that love a good dystopian-action-thriller-horror read- I may have a book for you.  The author of this book got in touch with me about reviewing his book and being the voracious reader I am, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the book. It has taken me a while to read it, but I have to say its quite a read for sure!


Cynopolis (Nightscape #2) by David W. Edwards is a book where the cover alone has given me nightmares.  The story takes place in Detroit where dogs and humans have caught a virus that has caused them to become crazed creatures.  You follow a group of survivors that are very much stuck between a rock and a hard place- a government bent on killing and destroying more innocent victims than the infected and the infected.  Character development was great and the story was engaging and entertaining.  All in all I really liked the book, but it wasn’t the quickest read for me.  The book was a different take on the struggle for humanity story than I’ve read before.

All in all, I really liked the book.  It was just a different book for me to read.  One that I’ll read again maybe later this read to see what my thoughts are on it.


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