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Today I’m getting back to normal. . . .I haven’t blogged about a tea in a while it feels like, so its time to get back to a routine again.  Time to get back to my norm of drinking insane amounts of tea each and every day.  Over the weekend, I did a massive spring like cleaning and cleaned out my tea stash.  I pulled out a few I can’t wait to feature this week.  Today tho, I thought I’d chat about an amazing tea company called Conundrum Tea.  (I just love their logo!)

~Today’s Tea~


Conundrum Tea (based out of Colorado) is a fairly new company to me and so far, I have had nothing but wonderful experiences with their tea.  Their Jungle Fire Assam had me “oohhing and ahhing” over my cuppa the whole day.  I even had a co-worker try the tea and she thought it was heavenly.  Today I wanted to check out their Jade Kukicha.



Jade Kukicha is a green tea that is made up of stems from green tea leaves.  (Kukicha means stems.)  I couldn’t wait to brew this delight up and see what it was all about. The dry leaf mixture reminded me a lot of matcha.  A more intense green tea smell with rich grassy notes.

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First sip in and this tea matches its description perfectly! Rich grassy notes with a hint of sweetness mixed in with a bit of a citrus twist.  Smooth and delicious.  Exactly what I needed after drinking several cups of coffee this morning.  Simple yet so satisfying.  I would even say palate cleansing.  I feel refreshed after drinking a cuppa of this and am excited to see what the second infusion will bring.   As weird as this will sound, this tea really reminds me of a sweet seaweed flavor and it is marvelous! One that I’m sure I’ll be craving later in the week.

~In Other News

Completely unrelated to tea-I have to admit something here. . .until recently. . . I had never watched Dr. Who.  Yep.  I am a self-proclaimed geek and I had never watched Dr. Who.  I know.  Shame on me. But that has been completely rectified.  Jason and I started to binge watch the show and I am madly in love with this beauty of a show.  Seriously.  I get it now.  I don’t know how I officially become a Whovian, but I want to know how! Tomorrow I’m hoping to review a tea from Geeky Teas that is called Bad Wolf.  I’m quite excited about it.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Wednesday!

~Until next time




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3 thoughts on “Jade Kukicha from Conundrum Tea. . . .

  • Ashlee

    That tea sounds yummy! I’ve been drinking more and more tea thanks to the rain and cold weather, still working my way through that stash you sent me<3 But I'm definitely building up a list of new teas to try soon and I've been really excited about green teas!

    I never watched Doctor Who before I started blogging…I think I didn't really get into it until maybe six months ago? Once you start watching it's hard to stop, though! I'm glad you guys are loving it!