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We had such a wonderful day yesterday celebrating 2015 in the perfect way. . .seeing The Force Awakens as an entire family. I have avoided everyone’s reviews of it and had no idea any of the events that were to take place.  So what were my thoughts?


(The boys and I waiting for the movie to start)

I really liked it.  I don’t want to say too much and give anything away, but I really did enjoy it.  The movie itself had the same vibe as the originals and you can draw a lot of comparisons.  Surprisingly my favorite character was Kylo Ren.  I guessed who he would end up being just from books I had read when I was a teenager from the Star Wars universe.  But still, a great way to create a new evil villain for the story.  Can’t say I liked how they handled the “Supreme Being” character.  I would have liked them to create somebody like the Emperor but we are living in the world of CGI.  Really that is my only complaint and that really isn’t a very big complaint.  My 6 year old was ready to leave the theater at the hour mark but everyone else seemed to really enjoy the movie.  I don’t know what was more fun-watching the movie or creating theories on where each of the characters are going and who they are during the ride home.

Since it was the last day of 2015- I thought we could celebrate the new year with some yummy Star Wars inspired treats.  I had recently received some new Star Wars silicone candy molds/ice cube trays to review.  Usually on NYE I make some sort of treat, so I thought I would try my hand at making Star Wars Oreo Truffles, one of my favorite treats.  I have never used a silicone candy/ice cube tray before so I was excited to try my hand at it.

Oreo Truffles are super easy to make and are crazy delicious. They need just a few ingredients.   Lou (my 6 year old) wanted to get in on the action.  All it takes is one pack of Oreos, one pack of the chocolate almond bark or melting chocolate, and one brick/pack of cream cheese.  We had a left over pack of Halloween Oreos that we had never opened so I figured it was time. (ha!)


While Lou washed up the silicone trays, I started crunching up the Oreos.  To make the truffles, you need to crunch up and mash up an entire bag of Oreos into really little pieces.  I’ve used a food processor before and that is the easiest way to make these, but the last time I made Oreo Truffles I made several dozen and ended up burning up our food processor.  So a spoon and some elbow greased worked just as well.  They don’t need to be crunched up to a fine powder- just crunched up enough so they create a smooth filling without massive hunks.  Once you have the cookies crunched up, throw in the brick of cream cheese-softened works the best but in a pinch you can throw the cream cheese in straight from the fridge.  Work the cream cheese into the Oreo cookie mix to create a smooth mixture.  This does take some time.  Once you have what looks more like a chocolate fluff or a spiffy chocolate treat, then the filling is complete.


After the truffle filling is all set- heat up the chocolate per the package instructions.  Once the chocolate is ready, it is time to have some real messy fun.


For each mold, scoop in a thin layer of chocolate to make the outer shell.  Basically enough to cover the mold.

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Once you have the first layer of chocolate laid in, scoop out some of the Oreo Truffle batter and lightly add it to each of the molds.  (Lou took over the green tray- and then put his hand into one of the molds. Like I said. . .These are messy but so much fun!) Once you have the truffle mixture added in, finish off each of the molds with another layer of chocolate.  Allow them to set up for maybe 30 minutes to an hour (preferably in the refrigerator).


After they have set up, test one out by gently popping it out of the mold.  For my first time using molds, I think these turned out pretty great! I was super impressed by how easy these were to use and the pack of 8 came with so many different characters.  The boys loved them and the family devoured them as we played Xbox bowling and brought in the New Year. But my mad tea scientist brain thought. . .there’s more we can do!

After Jason said- why don’t you make some white Storm Trooper’s- my mind instantly went to White Chocolate Storm Trooper Matcha Truffles. I had recently picked up some Zendori Matcha and thought- let’s do this.


I used a brick of cream cheese, busted up sugar cookies from the holiday, and a tbsp of matcha. Mixed it all up and refrigerated it for about 30 minutes or so. Heated up some white chocolate, poured a layer into the molds, added in some of the truffle mix, and poured more white chocolate over the top. Let them sit for about 30 minutes (you can put these in the fridge for a quicker set up) and then gently pop them out.

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Viola, you have yourself a decadent treat with all the love that Matcha gives. Slight sweet, grassy, with that earthy bitterness that combines and mingles so well with white chocolate. Seriously delicious. I’ve tried this recipe with other matcha before and it didn’t turn out half as good as these did. I highly recommend this matcha for any of your baking needs or all around matcha needs!

I hope everyone had a great NYE and have enjoyed the first day 0f 2016! We have been binge watching Dr. Who all day and just relaxing.  I’ve been working on my new blog- The Geeky Reviewer (mind you, this is a work in progress-we just set it up yesterday) where I’ll review more products of all kinds for companies -keeping CuppaGeek more tea/coffee/geek related.  It’ll be a fun way to discover and review new products, something I’ve found I really enjoy.

Here’s to a great 2016 all!

~Yours in all things Geek & Star Wars-Nichole/CuppaGeek~

**Products used in this blog may have been received at a discount in exchange for my honest opinion.  All views are my own**


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