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2016 is almost here and with it comes  those resolutions and goals.  It seems like every year I tend to make the same resolutions.  Stop biting my nails, become more active, workout more- the ones that are on a lot of people’s list.  What I’ve been seeing more and more of is a trend in the tea world.  A trend that I’ve talked to other tea bloggers and enthusiasts alike and that is the trend of weight loss teas.

Yes, tea is good for you.  Especially if you are drinking green teas.  But just because someone says it is a weight loss tea, please do your research first.  Some of these teas may contain different products that may not have the desired effect you are looking for. But just because a tea or product boasts that they are a weight loss product, you have to take steps to exercise, change eating habits, sleep better, etc. to really see a benefit from any weight loss program.  I’ll be honest. I’ve tried these teas in the past and not just because of the weight loss factor- just because I wanted to see what they are all about.  I recently tried two different ones. A loose leaf tea and one that comes in a tea bag.


Ateaz is a relatively new company to me but I have loved each and every tea I’ve tried from them.  They not only offer certified organic teas, but they also sell coffee. A win win for my household.

So far, I think this tea is my favorite. Detox is a blend of green tea, dandelion root, schizandra berries, lemongrass, orange peel and natural flavors.  The first whiff you get of the tea has that wonderful grassy green aroma mixed with a familiar herbal note.  The other night we had a family game night, so I brewed a big pot of this up for everyone to enjoy.  I think I ended up making three more pots.  Everyone loved it!


This tea was refreshing, light, and soothing.  All the flavors mingled well together and created this wonderful harmony.  The green tea was slightly grassy with a buttery finish.  Just the way I like them.  The lemongrass and berries provided a lovely sweet yet tangy profile while the orange peel added in a citrus twist. The tea ended up having a lovely pale but brilliant yellow color that just made me smile.  A solid tea from start to finish. One that I could sip on all day and night!


The second tea I tried was in the form of a tea bag.  E-Z Weight Loss Tea Herbal Brew is one that I’ve seen many times on Amazon.  When I had the opportunity to review it, I went for it. A few days later, I had 30 tea bags at my disposal.  This particular tea claims that you will lose weight and shows before and after pictures on the site. I was skeptical.  But hey, its tea and I wanted to try it.


Regardless of what this tea is supposed to do, it is delicious. A really nice herbal tea.  Sweet, tangy, with a hint of blackberry and an herbal presence.  I’m actually surprised at how much I like this tea.  Probably because it is a change of pace from what I have been drinking but I really like the blackberry notes in each sip. I tried this tea both hot and cold and it was delicious both ways. I didn’t experience any negative side effects yet but I’ve only drink this tea twice.  I can’t vouch for anything else, just that its tasty.

So did either one of these have any weight loss or detoxing effects- meh, I can’t really comment to that. I drink a lot of tea, coffee, and water thru the day.   All I can say is that these are both great tasting teas and I am pretty happy with both.

I even went a step further and tried a Detox pill.  I am always on the look for a good probiotic since I have issues digesting carbs and sometimes these detoxing pills have helped aid in the intense pain I can sometimes experience.    I can’t vouch for weight loss since I haven’t been watching what I eat due to the holidays and my mom’s amazing sugar cookies (shame on me!) but I can say that the pain in my stomach and my bloating issues are not as bad as they once were.  If I wasn’t allowing myself to indulge, I’d be curious to see what my results would be.

No matter what, fitness is the key to a healthier body, with the proper diet, water intake, and habits.  Maybe that should just be my New Year’s Resolution.  Develop better over all habits. . . .  .

What are some of your resolutions you are kicking around for 2016?

And I just had to share this. . Completely unrelated to the resolutions I talk about above.  I have been working with different companies over the last few months to review their products.  Mostly its tea but every once in a while I get something different. Check out this awesome Solar Powered Lantern! It is awesome! It took me all of two seconds to blow it up and the kids loved how it turned different colors and even blinked.  Lou really liked it and my Aunt had a brilliant idea of keeping it for Trick or Treating.  There are so many uses I can think of to use this light. But I just had to share these pics! Lou played with it for quite some time- turning lights off and running around it.  His older brother even joined in.  Cam loved it when the lights blinked fast like a strobe light.  Lou wants to have a party where we turn the lights off and play tag with it on.  We had some great family times with this light and I can’t wait to go camping with it!

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~Yours in all things Geek-Nichole/Cuppageek~

**I may have received these products at a discount or free in exchange for my honest opinion.  All views are my own**


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