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Yep! There are certain tea companies out there that take tea blending to mad scientist levels.  Two companies come to mind, 52Teas and A Quarter to Tea.  Each of these companies provide a new tea blend each week and when that blend is sold out- it is gone forever.  These two companies are definitely favorites of mine, but today we are going to chat about A Quarter To Tea.


Banana Nut Pancakes. . .the name alone just makes me drool! From the site:  What could possibly be better than having pancakes for breakfast? Drinking them of course. A rich ceylon is the base for this cuppa pairing with the flavors of decadent banana walnut pancakes drizzled with vanilla butter.


This is a blend that I have been dying to try and finally had the time to dedicate to drink it properly.

unnamed (15)

This blend is chock full of fun ingredients like banana chips, walnuts, and black tea.  This tea just screams creativity!

unnamed (16)

Brewed this tea up with black tea parameters- Boiling water-212F- for about 3 minutes.  Took my first sip and it seems like some of the flavor wasn’t where it needed to be.  So I decided to infuse the tea a bit longer.

unnamed (19)

So this is take two. .. . and there are those flavors I was looking for.  This tea does taste just like a pancake.  There are definite notes of vanilla with a maple nutty syrup undertone.  At the end of each sip you get this delicate black tea flavor that finishes off the sip nicely. I’m getting hints of banana but not an overwhelming or dominating amount.

Even tho I don’t get as much banana  as I would have liked but honestly, I don’t care.  I’m adoring this tea! The pancake flavor is simply delicious and so unique.  I’ve had other pancake flavored teas but I think this is one of the better versions of it.  Sure I would love more of the banana flavor to be there and from what I’ve read on Steepster, Lauren @A Quarter to Tea is going to work on that, but I love this flavor I’m getting now.  I really adore this vanilla maple syrup flavor that is so reminiscent of pancakes! I shared cups of this tea with the twins and Jason and all our cups were gone in no time flat.  I would call that a winning tea!

So far each tea I’ve had from A Quarter to Tea have just been fantastic.  This is one tea shop you have to check out! Each week A Quarter to Tea will be releasing a new blend. . I’ve already bookmarked their site as one I check on a regular basis like I do with 52Teas.  So much fun creativity! I just love it!

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Happy Tuesday Sipping all!

~Yours in all things Geek-Nichole/CuppaGeek~

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