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In just a few days, I’ll be a married woman again.  It seems like the time just flew by us.  I’m quite excited and am focusing now on getting those little details here and there tied up. I think we are just about finished.  I hope so! The big day is on Saturday!

I wanted to drink a tea that would soothe my anxious soul, so I grabbed a tea from a company I haven’t had a whole lot of experience. . Silver Hawk Tea. 


Silver Hawk Tea is a local family owned company located in Colorado.  Since 2013, their mission has been to bring the highest quality tea to their customers at the best prices.  They currently offer over 80 different teas. . for those of you that live close to this shop, I’m jealous! This sounds like a wonderful peaceful tea shop!

Sonoma Sunrise is a green/white blend that is absolutely stunning! The sample I received contained huge gorgeous full roses to steep in a bed of green and white tea.  Beautiful!


Those huge roses just made me happy.  I love floral teas (except for lavender-I’m learning to like it).  And there is just something so soothing about a floral tea.

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The official description of this blend from the site:  A refreshing and soulful cup that will brighten your morning! Green (50 %) and white teas (40 %) are blended with freeze-dried whole cape gooseberries, pomegranate blossoms, and a hint of jasmine. The flavor is reminiscent of berries touched with citrus.

A green white floral tea with berries and a hint of jasmine?! How delicious does that sound.  I quickly steeped this tea up and literally stood and watched the tea leaves dance in the tea pot.

unnamed (13)

About 3 minutes later, the tea was ready.  The floral fragrance smelled sweet and amazing.  I was ready to take a break from wedding plans and check this tea out.

unnamed (14)

First sip in and wow, this tea is one that makes you want to pop your feet up and just relax.  The green and white blend is quite soothing and mixed with the floral flavor from the roses, just simply yum! I don’t pick up the jasmine notes so much or the gooseberry flavor but I do pick up slight tart notes here and there from the pomegranate.  A nice twist to the typical floral tea.  I can see where they say this has an almost citrus touch.  I do pick up something that is reminiscent of citrus. . maybe that is the gooseberry flavor? Regardless, this tea is singing to me and giving me a moment to just sit and relax.

This tea would be perfect to serve at a tea party and I plan to do just that the next time my dad and I have one.  I know he would find this as delicious as I do!

Happy Monday everyone! And in case you are wanting to win some tea. . . check this out! I was featured on Saturday for a blogger’s spotlight on My So Called Chaos and there is a giveaway going on for over $100 worth of tea and tea merchandise from 52Teas, Tealated, and Tea Prints. . I’m quite jealous of this giveaway.  Good luck to all that enter!

~Yours in all things Geek-Nichole/CuppaGeek~


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