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With tomorrow being Halloween, I figured it was the perfect time to check out a tea dedicated to a show that even non horror fans love- The Walking Dead!


Fandom Teas is an Etsy based tea shop where they cater to your favorite fandoms like Supernatural, The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, and others.  Any tea company that has fandom teas, you know I’m all over it!

Even tho I stopped watching The Walking Dead (mainly due to time), this is a show that I want to start over and binge on with Jason and the twins.  It brought the world of horror and zombies, to viewers that would never have watched a scary movie before.

Kiss My Crossbow is one of a handful of Walking Dead inspired teas that Fandom Teas offers.


(From the site) Kiss My Crossbow is a blend inspired from Daryl’s outdoorsy roots, this earthy oolong has a bold rocky flavor and is the perfect tea to accompany a steak (or possum) dinner!

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I just had to break out my zombie fun for this blend! This earthy oolong really had a lovely rich fragrance.  Almost nutty with edges of that familiar oolong aroma.

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Brewed this up with water prepped from my Breville One Touch.  The whole time I loved watching the tea leaves steep and dance in the water.

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Finally the tea was ready to try. The brew had such a lovely amber color.  I poured Jason and myself a cup while we sat down to watch the terribly cheesey Halloween Marathon that was on AMC Fear Fest. (Halloween 4 & 5! Terrible movies, but I just love them.)

Before I knew what had happened, my cup was empty.  Gone.  I drank this tea down in one gulp.  My taste buds were singing and begging for more.  This tea is a simple oolong tea done right.  Bold, robust, earthy notes with a nutty flavor in every sip.  No additional flavors added in.  Just straight lovely oolong with a familiar nutty earthy flavor I really enjoyed.   I think I ended up making about 4 pots of this tea before I was satisfied.  Kiss My Crossbow just hit the spot last night. This tea perfectly matches Daryl’s character on the show-gritty, down to earth and bold.

And if you are looking for that last treat to top off your Walking Dead inspired Halloween party or Halloween party in general, check out Skill Up Skillet, a fabulous blog dedicated to creating amazing fandom recipes.  Leisel has everything from Pumpkin King Pumpkin Pie to Walking Dead Bloody Jello Shot Brains.  So many creative ways to kick your party up just a notch or two!

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~Yours in all things Geek-Nichole/CuppaGeek~

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