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Just a few more days until Halloween.  I seriously can’t wait.  I have been working on a list of movies and shows that I want to watch while drinking an insane amount of tea on Saturday. I’m taking Saturday as my last relax day before our wedding November 7th.

While I’m contemplating what movies to watch and how my weekend is going to go (& what still needs to be done for the wedding), I’m drinking Mo’s Magic from Luna Tea Company, a company that I reviewed a couple weeks ago that I really enjoy. . . wait until you hear what is in this tea!

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Luna Tea Company has a wonderful variety of teas for every tea drinker. So many fun blends! This particular blend, Mo’s Magic is one that immediately caught my eye.  Why? Because there is edible gold shimmer in the tea! That’s right! This tea sparkles! (sort of like those vampires in the Twilight series- hee!)

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With the floral tea kick I have been on since the summer, this tea just called to me.  And the fact that it has a shimmer to it makes it that much better.


Luna Tea Company uses these adorable test tubes for their samples. I just love them!

unnamed (2) unnamed (3)

This blend is just gorgeous! I love the beautiful rose petals mixed in with the vibrant pops of green and shimmer from the dust.  Really adore the look of this.

unnamed (5)

From the look of the tea, I originally thought this tea was a green tea but after looking on the site I guess it is a white tea.  I brewed this up in my glass tea pot just so I could enjoy the gorgeous colors and watch the tea steep.

unnamed (6) unnamed (7)

All brewed up, this tea had a unique green color to it.  So what are my thoughts on this tea with shimmer dust?

More please! Mo’s Magic is magical indeed! The white tea base is soft creating a wonderful background for the other flavors to play off of.  The floral notes are sweet and lending itself to that familiar flavor that I love so much.  The addition of the berries and stevia kick this blend up a few notches giving it a unique sweet berry floral flavor that I can really get behind.  Delicious and gorgeous for sure! I typically don’t enjoy teas with stevia but this one you really don’t notice that odd aftertaste or flavor that stevia can sometimes provide.  Another fabulous tea from this fabulous company!

I have just a little bit left of the sample for this tea so I’m going to save it to cold brew for a delicious treat on Saturday.  What are your plans for Halloween? Do you have a fun family tradition or watch a particular scary movie?

~Yours in all things Geek-Nichole/CuppaGeek~

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