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A tea dedicated to Jack Skellington? It doesn’t get more horror geeky than that (well except maybe for a tea dedicated to horror monsters- hint hint Geeky Teas!)

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Geeky Teas is a company I’ve reviewed a couple times and I just love.  Fandoms are such a part of me that when Jason showed me their website I instantly geeked out.  The logo alone is phenomenal.  Add to all that fun a wonderful owner who really takes time to deliver fantastic customer service, to me that is a winning combination.  I recently worked with Donna on my Great Pumpkin Giveaway/Random Act of Tea-dom last month.  I told her my dollar amount and she was able to send out amazing gifts to about 10 different tea friends and bloggers for me.  I love sharing tea and she was able to help me.  She even came up with some fun add in to really make the treats fun.

What actually inspired me to use Geeky Teas for my giveaway/gifts was this tea, Pumpkin King Tea.


Pumpkin King Tea (from the site)  Black tea, cinnamon bark, natural pumpkin spice flavor, ginger root, cloves, marigold flowers and cardamom. Helps you feel like your old boney self again.    I. Am. The Pumpkin tea.

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And of course I had to get out my new Jack Skellington Pop figure! This tea has such a cinnamon ginger fall fragrance to the dry mix.  Very reminiscent of a fall candle.

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Brewed this up with the parameters on the package- 212F for 3 minutes. That familiar fall scent was mingling in the air while the tea steeped.

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Finally my tea was ready and I took my first sip.  The tea was quite nice.  More lightly flavored than I had originally expected, but it does look like a lot of the includes like cardamom and cloves settled to the bottom of the bag.  Oops! Bad me.  I didn’t shake the bag up enough.  As it sits, this tea is a nice cinnamon ginger flavored black tea with notes of pumpkin here and there.  So to pop the flavors up a bit, I made this a latte, something I love to do with pumpkin flavored teas and coffees.

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Frothed up my milk with my Breville Milk Frother and grabbed the nutmeg.  Poured in  my frothed milk, sprinkled on some nutmeg, and went to try the tea again.  Bazinga! There are the flavors I was looking for.  The creamy frothed milk brought out a more dessert like quality.  The cinnamon and ginger flavors are still what I’m getting the most but the pumpkin flavors has been enhanced a bit. Now I’m picking up a creamy cinnamon and ginger tea with a nice pumpkin aftertaste.  Really good and one I can see myself drinking quite a bit over the next few months when I drink a lot of lattes.  I just love the teas from Geeky Teas and this one didn’t disappoint either.  Now to just train Jason to make these for me in the morning. . . . I’d be all set!

And to add some fun to this tea. . .check out this amazing recipe from a fabulous blogger-Leisel at Skill Up Skillet.  Jack Skellington Whoopie pies. . .yes please! Skill up Skillet is a fantastic place where geeky fun (& fandoms)  and food combine.  I love her site and her creativity.  I mean just look at these.


~Yours in all things Geek-Nichole/CuppaGeek!~

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