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I love all things dark and creepy.  I have forever.  So when I saw this tea, I knew it would be a perfect tea for this Halloween month long celebration! I thought I would pair this with a dark and creepy movie. . . .oh it was fantastic!

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Luna Tea Company, based out of California, gave me just the right blend to create my dark and spooky atmosphere while I enjoyed a little marathon of Sinister, The Conjuring and Insidious.



Dark Forest is a unique blend of herbals mixed in with a black tea, something that you don’t see too often.  I instantly fell in love with the test tube sample I was sent of this tea.  I’ve seen a few other tea companies do this and I love the idea behind it.

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The dry leaf mixture was quite different looking as well, but that just added to the charm of this tea, let alone the spooky atmosphere I was trying to portray.

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There is black tea in there but they aren’t very large pieces.  What you really see are all the lovely herbals that have been added in.  I love the look of hops in this mix.  They really gave this tea a different feel. There were just subtle hints of yellow form the chamomile here and there but beyond that this tea was very earthy looking.

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Since this tea did have black tea in it, I didn’t want to oversteep it so I only steeped the tea for about 3 minutes.  There aroma from the brew was one that resonated herbal more than black tea. I couldn’t wait to try it.  The twins were also quite excited to join in on the fun. I crisped up a few crumpets and sat down to get spooked.

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We all took our time enjoying this tea. . . .this tea is phenomenal! We all loved it and I was asked if I could make it again later this week.  This tea is the perfect combination of herbals and black tea.  Sweet with that chamomile baked good flavor.  The smoothness and slight malty notes from the black tea  and the hops.  There is an overall herbal feel to this tea.  Rich, earthy, and delivers a delightful flavor that our taste buds devoured.  Paired up with a few apple slices, some fig marmalade and my mom’s crumpets, this was the perfect spooky treat.

I did a second infusion this morning with this tea and let is steep for longer.  I went for a 10 minute steep and again, I am blown away by this tea.  The flavors are magnified and there is no bitter aftertaste or one flavor dominating the other.  All the ingredients are mixing so well together that I am sad I didn’t bring more of this tea with me to work.  Be warned, this tea does have a strong chamomile flavor, but I love that flavor so it works for me.  Simply delicious and perfectly fall like without the pumpkin or apple flavors that seem to dominate fall teas.  Don’t get me wrong, I love those teas, but this is a nice change of pace.


I can’t wait to try the other teas I have from Luna Tea Company including one that has sparkles in it that I will be reviewing next week.

So turn the lights off. . . .brew up some Dark Forest. . . and turn on some spooky movies to celebrate Halloween right!

~Yours in all things Halloween-Nichole/CuppaGeek~

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