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Ever had a tea that reminded you of fresh baked warm cinnamon bread? Well, I am drinking that right now!



Simpson & Vail has been a company that I have always wanted to try but haven’t yet. (So many teas and so little time!)  This particular tea smelled as amazing as it tasted!


From the website-Cozy Comfort Tea– This tea blend has been difficult for all of us to name. The fact is, the flavor is called American Black Walnut. But that doesn’t seem like the name of a tea that people might try. We sampled it in our store. Everyone who tried it instantly loved it and wanted to purchase it. When I told them it was Black Walnut they looked puzzled. So we asked people to name it and no one could accurately sum up the flavor profile. Until Pam tried it.

Pam works in the office & store here at Simpson & Vail. Perhaps you’ve spoken to her on the phone. She perfectly summed up the essence of this blend. “It is delicious! It’s like a “throw-back” tea….brings up thoughts of snuggling in a cozy comforter by a fireplace, or being a little kid snuggled in a comforter sitting on your Grammie’s lap, wrapped in the comforter and her hugs. It’s like watching cookies bake in the oven and drifting off to peaceful places on the aroma wafting from the oven. I would call it “cozy comfort tea”… It brings you to that safe, childhood place where you think all is right with the world… I love this tea! Hope you all can find a name for it!”

We did Pam. We called it Cozy Comfort Tea because you’re right; it’s all those things you mentioned … and more!
Ingredients: black teas, organic cinnamon pieces, orange blossoms and Black Walnut flavor.

Typically, I wouldn’t leave such a long description for a tea, but I love the story behind this tea.

~My Thoughts~

This tea has such a warm and comforting feel from the very beginning. The smell of the dry leaf had such a lovely cinnamon bread smell that I had to brew it up right away!

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As this tea steeped, I couldn’t help but indulge myself in the amazing aromas that were coming from my mug.  I was hoping that this amazing aroma I was getting would translate into an amazing flavor.

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And it did! This is one of the BEST flavored black teas I have had in a bit. This tea has the WOW factor!

 I don’t really pick up much of the black walnut flavoring like the description says.  I am missing  but there is this amazing and sweet cinnamon flavor that I have fallen in love with.  There are very subtle notes of a nutty background but I wouldn’t say walnut. What you really get the most is this bread like flavor that resembles more of a bread pudding than anything else. Sweet memories are coming back from when my mom used to make monkey bread.


That is what this tea tastes like. . . monkey bread! So crazy good! Sweet, calming, comforting, delicious. . .what more can you ask for in a tea? As I type this I am going to attempt a second steeping of this tea.  My cuppa needs to be filled with this amazing sweet lovin cinnamon goodness asap!

I ended up giving some of this tea to a friend after we discovered this recipe– A banana bread recipe where you steep this tea in butter and create amazing sounding bread with it.  She already makes amazing banana bread so I’m excited to try this!

With the upcoming chill in the air, this tea will be perfect for those fall evenings. But I can see this tea just being fantastic for any night where you need a soothing and comforting tea.  And for how affordable this tea is ($3.75 for 2 ounces) and their awesome loyalty tea program this tea has definitely found a place in my cupboard as a staple!

I can not wait to drink this tea snuggled in my blanket with my favorite pjs on while watching cheesy horror movies to celebrate October in style.  (Waxwork, Sundown, Stay Alive, April Fool’s Day (old one), Lady in White, Waxwork II, Return of the Living Dead-Pts 1 & 3. . . . got quite a few to watch this month!)

What movies do you watch to celebrate Halloween? And Don’t forget! Only a few hours left to win some Geeky Tea!

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~Yours in all things Spooky-Nichole/CuppaGeek~

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