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The weather is changing and this is about the only time of the year where I get a craving for a chai latte from Starbucks.  Now I rarely get them just because of the amount of sugar they have in their drinks, but my sweet tooth doesn’t understand that! Thanks goodness I was sent an amazing sample of this tea.  I was able to make my own awesome chai latte in the comfort of my own home and make it as sugar free as I could.



Chai Mamma is a company that I hadn’t heard about until I started my Twitter account.  I love finding and experiencing new tea companies.  Chai Mamma was founded in 2009 and is located in Melbourne Australia.   Their philosophy is to use the freshest ingredients out there and you can taste the freshness in their blends.  Another fantastic company that hand blends. You have to love that!

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The blend they sent me was their Spice Blend which consists of (from their site) -Fine Ceylon Tea a Chai with an extra blast of spice to tantalize those taste buds.  This tea as a dry leaf definitely had a very clove and cardamom aroma to it.  I took a scoop of the dry leaf mixture and steeped it in my freshly prepped water for 2 minutes. While the tea was steeping, I took time to make up my favorite milk concoction to froth.

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Thanks to a local grocery store, I was able to get one of these awesome creamers from Coffee-Mate that are Star Wars inspired.  I was double excited to see that Bobba Fett’s bottle was the Italian Sweet Creme one.  I’ve been geeking out over the bottle all week.  It just makes me all sorts of happy.  I poured a bit of this lovely creamer into some milk and used my milk frother to create the topping for my latte.

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After 2 minutes was up, I poured the tea into my cuppa.

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Then poured the frothed milk mixture on the top and sprinkled some nutmeg for fun.  Took my first sip and oh my goodness! This tea tasted exactly like the chai teas you get from Starbucks! Sweet yet a well balanced spiced kick accompanies each sip.  The cream really offsets the spices in the chai so well.  The black tea base is delightful and subtle.  The chai spices are really well done, especially the cardamom.  That is the spice I am tasting the most.

Chai tea is very hit or miss with me and most chais I really don’t care for.   All the flavors are so well done in this blend and each sip is so well rounded.  No one flavor taking over another and each spice mingles with the other. I can’t see myself drinking a lot of this, but on those cool nights that we will soon be experiencing I can see relaxing with one of these with the twins or making up a couple lattes on game night.  I’m glad I have a lot left over because Jason has already been stealing sips from my cuppa and we have already said we know that the twins will love this.

I’m really happy I was able to try this particular blend from Chai Mamma and am looking forward to learning more about them and their different offerings.  They have a Coconut and a Green Chai that I am interested in trying.  As soon as they open their online shop, I’ll definetly be chatting with them to see if I can pick up some of those blends.

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And in case you weren’t already drooling over the amazing latte featured above. . .I thought I would throw in an apple cider donut to add an extra touch of yumminess!! These donuts come from a local apple orchard that we went to over the weekend and are a favorite and must for the fall season in our house.

It really doesn’t get much better than this on this fall evening.  . . .got my latte, my donut, watching Scooby Doo on the couch snuggled up with my 10 year old. . .life is good!

~Yours in all things Geek-Nichole/CuppaGeek~

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