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Welcome October! I am so excited for October to be here.  So many fun things are going on this month. Just wait and see!

To kick off this month of Halloween/Fall fun, I thought I’d start with an herbal tea that was amazing and really impressed me.

~The Breakdown~


 Tupelo Honey Teas not only hand blends  and creates tea blends for their own line, but also sources tea from other companies to provide their customers with the best tea experience possible.  I am a sucker for any tea company that hand blends their own tea (Handmade Tea, 52Teas, Plum Deluxe-just to name a few).   I love seeing the creative side of tea companies blending unique blends that you can’t find anywhere else. Their teas can be found at a few different shops in the Pittsburgh area along with having an online presence.  I strongly suggest you checking out some of these blends if you are in that area or online shopping for a few blends to add to your stash.

 Now on to the tea. . . .

Turkish Apple Tea is the tea that really caught my eye from the samples they sent me.  This tea sounded simple yet amazing. From the description on the website-  This is our version of Elma Cayi or Apple tea. We have blended Apples, Sweet Cinnamon and Cloves to make this amazing blend. Perfect for late afternoons or evenings and can be consumed with or without the addition of sweetener.


Not only did this tea sound amazing, the dry leaf mixture had such a gorgeous fall fragrance.  With the sweet cinnamon and the spice kick from the cloves, I knew I was in for a treat.

~My Thoughts~

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I brewed this delight up at work yesterday to give me a much needed kick to start the day with.  I’ve had other apple herbal teas before but never one with huge chunks of apple like this one.  When you opened the bag, you are greeted with this lovely sight.  Who wouldn’t want to try this?

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Since I was at work while I drank this, I used my Sei Sei Tumbler to brew the tea.  I boiled 2 cups of water and poured the water into the tumbler along with a few scoops of the tea and allowed the tea to steep for about 10 minutes while I answered phone calls and emails.  Poured the brew into my cup and away we go. . .

I have never been a big fan of chai teas.  There are some I do love and drink on occasion, but I have always shied away from them.  This delicate version of a chai has my name written all over it!

The apple flavor is the first that you notice while you are sipping this gorgeous light amber colored tea.  Crisp tart apples like the ones you can buy that are dehydrated is what the flavor reminds me of. Delicious! The tartness that is in this tea is almost like a punch of tartness then it is soothed away but the spices who soften the brew with this gentle cinnamon flavor that mingles nicely with the spiced up clove notes. To me, this is a fabulous herbal tea that delivers both a sweet yet spiced flavor that doesn’t overwhelm the main components of the tea-the apple flavor.  Rather the spices in this tea work well together delivering a gorgeous herbal tea that would be perfect for any time of the day or night.  I’ve had a lot of teas recently where the spices in the tea completely take over and that is all you are really tasting.

I do almost wish that there was just a small hint of ginger or maybe even vanilla bean to add a bit more definition into the mix, but as this blend sits now, I’m loving it.  This blend tastes fresh and provides all the notes of fall that one could ask for.  Adding in a vanilla bean or ginger pieces is easily something I could do if I was in the mood for it.  Another plus for this blend, it lends itself to mad tea experiments!

In just a few weeks, I am having a sudo- bridal shower that is tea time inspired (I’ll be wearing my new floppy brimmed hat!) and this is one I will be serving to give whoever wants to have a fall cuppa without the caffeine.

For my first experience with Tupelo Honey Teas, I’m extremely pleased! I can’t wait to try the others teas I have from them.  I’m looking at you Pumpkin Pie Tea!

And I almost forgot! The Great Pumpkin is about to pick the winner of the giveaway- Enter today if you haven’t already! You might be the winner of some amazing Halloween inspired teas!

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~Yours in all things Geek-Nichole/CuppaGeek~


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