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That’s right! It is time to get our geek on!! Another Geeky Teas review.   I have reviewed a couple teas from Geeky Teas and this might be my favorite one yet.

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Geeky Teas is a unique shop in California where you can watch the best in geeky cult like movies, play games with others, and drink hand blended teas.  I’m jealous of everyone that has access to this store.  From the pictures I have seen online, I don’t think I would ever leave! Especially if they are serving this delicious green tea. . .


Green Potion Tea is a Zelda inspired green tea with apple pieces, orange peel, coconut, and orange flavors.  There are also peach flavors, mango pieces and passion fruit flavors according to the website.


~My Thoughts~

Growing up I loved Zelda, but I will be honest. I was terrible at it.  My brothers and I would spend hours with our Nintendo (& Super Nintendo) fighting over who got to play what game and celebrating when we beat the tougher levels.   Such sweet memories.  I love it when you are drinking a tea and memories flood back.  It almost brings a new level of enjoyment out of the whole tea drinking experience.

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The dry leaf mix of this tea was just fun to look at.  The bright colors contrasted brilliantly with the green tea.  There were huge pieces of mango and orange peel within the mix.

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Brewed up like a green tea with the help of my Breville to make sure the water was just right, this tea had a very sweet and almost tropical fragrance wafting thru the air.  Poured myself a cuppa and sat down to enjoy.  I did allow this one to cool off just a smidgen so that the flavors could settle in nicely.  I’ve noticed that with Geeky Teas giving them a few moments to cool allow the flavors to pop a bit more.

I took my first sip and was greeted with so many wonderful pops of flavor.  I could pick up the coconut notes and the vibrant orange flavor from the orange peel.  The peach notes are the most noticeable and create this invigorating base for the rest of the flavors to mingle with.  The mango is there but is subtle.  What I love the most about this tea is how the green tea creates this buttery rich finish for the coconut, orange, and peach flavors to mix around with on your palate.  Even tho the flavors are quite bright in this tea, there is a delicate touch to this this tea.   Such lovely mix of flavors that really bring this tea to life.

I’ve had several teas with this same mix of flavors and they have typically come out quite muddy without the bright flavors this mix has.  I’m really happy with this one and could totally see enjoying several pots of this tea while playing some board games with the family or even playing Super Mario Bros with the kiddos.

Happy Friday everyone! Let’s get this weekend started asap! Tomorrow’s post will be about September’s 1 Up Box.  It was the best one yet!

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Happy Sipping all!

~Yours in all things Geek-Nichole/CuppaGeek~

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9 thoughts on “It’s Time to Get Geeky!! Green Potion from Geeky Teas. . .

  • Danielle

    I think it’s so cute that there’s a tea based on Zelda. I was a Super Mario girl because well…I sucked at Zelda lol. The flavors of this tea sound very tasty. I always love reading about the different teas you try!

  • Joely Smith

    I Lovveee loose leaf tea! I used to be a mad reviewer on steepster and blogged for Sororitea sisters – over 2000 tea reviews and I have over 200 teas in my stash right now YET I have not heard of THIS one! Thanks for introducing me to something new when I thought I knew it all haha

  • Ashlee

    Sounds yummy! I was absolutely terrible at Zelda as a kid and never ended up finishing it. I bought Ocarina of Time for the Wii a little while back though and played through it with my husband…it’s amazing how much he still remembered! We flew right through it!

  • Mandy Stone

    OMG, this tea sounds SO GOOD!!!!! I’m def looking into Geeky Teas, because, well, I AM the Ultimate Fangirl, so I MUST have geeky teas if I’m going to drink tea! But I also need your advice… I’m really really new to this whole tea drinking experience and the only way I’ve ever drank tea has been through bagged teas… How do I go about making loose leaf teas? What should I use? What’s the best, but most inexpensive, way to brew both cold and hot teas? I can’t spend a fortune right now, but really DO want to get into drinking teas. Please help! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3